‘Reality Steve’ Wrong About ‘Bachelorette’ Star JoJo’s Final Pick? Admits Spoilers Were Wrong, Information Was ‘Tough To Get’

Bachelorette fans are in for an emotional season finale when JoJo Fletcher faces her two remaining men at the final rose ceremony on August 1. Who JoJo picks and what happens on the finale may turn out to be a shocker for fans who have been counting on Reality Steve’s spoilers to reveal the true outcome of the show.

Recent corrections made to Steve’s spoilers and his admission that it was “difficult” to get information about the final episodes of the Bachelorette have many viewers questioning the validity of his final rose spoilers.

Did Steve’s sources give him incorrect information about JoJo Fletcher’s final two, and is host Chris Harrison playing along with Steve’s spoilers so the season finale will be a total surprise? Here’s the latest scoop about what could turn out to be an unexpected ending on one of the most drama-filled seasons in Bachelorette history.

[Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead]

Host Chris Harrison recently revealed in his Yahoo TV blog that Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers are the “two guys to watch” this season, weeks after stating that contestant Luke Pell is one of his “favorite guys this season” and is “the whole package.”

Reality Steve’s spoilers point to Robby and Jordan as JoJo’s final two guys, and he initially had Luke Pell as the third guy to make it to the overnights, only to get sent home after spending the night with JoJo in the Fantasy Suite.

Weeks after confirming that the final three are Luke, Jordan, and Robby, Steve changed his spoilers to reflect that Chase McNary made it to the overnights, not Luke Pell — something he says he figured out while watching the Bachelorette Season 12 trailer.

He also admits that information about some of the episodes that air late in the season were “the toughest” for him to get information about, hinting that he may have some of the dates leading up to the finale wrong.

Is Chris Harrison purposely going along with Steve’s spoilers by pointing out that Jordan and Robby are the “two guys to watch” so Steve will be proved wrong when the season finale airs in August? Is there a possibility that Luke Pell, not Robby Hayes, is one of JoJo Fletcher’s final two — or perhaps the guy she gets engaged to?

It will be painfully obvious during the next few episodes that JoJo has trust issues with both Jordan and Robby. Celeb Dirty Laundry points out that Luke Pell is the only one who she has “real chemistry with,” and let’s not forget his glowing endorsement from Chris Harrison.

During Episode 5, JoJo questions Jordan about his ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar, who claims Jordan cheated on her. When she gets to the overnight dates, she asks Robby if he broke up with Hope Higgenbotham, his girlfriend of four years, just to go on The Bachelorette. Although both men deny any wrongdoing, it’s clear that JoJo has some doubts about the guys who Steve has pegged as her “final two.”

Although there seems to be no doubt that Jordan and Robby are front-runners and make it to the final three, will they both be in the final two, or will Reality Steve’s spoilers turn out to be wrong? Will producers surprise fans with a season finale twist that involves Luke Pell?

Most recently, Reality Steve correctly predicted the outcome of Bachelor star Ben Higgins’ season, but he’s been wrong before. Not only did he initially state that Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe would leave the show single, WetPaint reports that Steve was wrong about the outcome of four other seasons as well, including Desiree Hartsock and Ali Fedotowsky’s seasons of The Bachelorette and both of Brad Womack’s seasons of The Bachelor.

Fans will have to wait until the Bachelorette season finale on August 1 to find out if Reality Steve’s spoilers are wrong. Do you think JoJo picked Jordan, or is there a possibility that she is engaged to Luke or Robby?

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