MMA Is Not The Place To Showboat, Unless You Want To Get Laid Out [Video]

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters have very little time to taunt their opponents in the middle of a match, and Shai Lindsey learned that lesson on Sunday when he was laid out after a simple taunt.

Fighting in the Tuff ‘n’ Uff amateur MMA card on Sunday, the fighter attempted to taunt Carlo Juinio and was promptly kicked in the face and knocked out with seconds left to go in the second round of the match.

Apparently the “give it your best shot” gesture is not a favorite of Carlo Juinio, who pushed Lindsey back before catching him off balance with a direct kick to the face.

It’s fun to watch a crazy take down in mixed martial arts, and it’s even better when we know the guy is okay.

Continue watching the video until the very end, and you’ll see Shai Lindsey sitting up on a stool regaining his composure.

Showboating is fine and sometimes even fun whenever it involves crazy acts; in this case, the poor guy was just momentarily insane to lift his arms and give us his defenses against a trained fighter.

Here’s the knock out video in its entirety:

[iframe src=” width=”480? height=”360?]

You gotta love how insult is added to injury after Carlo Juinio goes after Lindsey with a battering of punches to the face after the kick had pretty much ended the fight.

Are knockout hits your favorite part of MMA fights?

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