Was Calvin Harris Just Another Element In The Branding of Taylor Swift?

Celebrity break-ups are rarely pretty, and when the break-up involves Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, the celebrity rumor mill shifts into overdrive. In the three weeks since Harris and Swift split, we have been inundated with rumors about whether Taylor might have already moved on and claims that she may have been cheating on Calvin with Tom Hiddleston. Of course, Swift is a huge global brand, and when break-up stories emerge, questions are raised as to whether Taylor’s relationship with Harris was just another aspect of her branding.

Swift and Harris had reportedly been dating for around 15 months, but reports in the New York Daily News claim that Calvin was dumped in a short phone call. If true it seems that Swift has forgotten her words after she was dumped by Joe Jonas in a similar fashion back in 2008.

At that time, Swift told Ellen Degeneres how she had been hurt to be dumped in a 25-second phone call from Jonas.

“When I find that person that is right for me, he’ll be wonderful, and when I look at that person, I’m not even gonna be able to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was 18.”

For his part, Calvin Harris has largely kept his own counsel about the break-up, though according to the Daily Mirror, Harris did tweet and delete a post saying “oh boy it’s about to go down.” It also seems that Harris stopped following Swift on his social media accounts and he also blocked a number of her followers.

According to E! Online, Harris also deleted a message assuring fans that his break-up with Swift was “amicable.” It seems that this action was taken after pictures emerged that appeared to show Swift kissing British actor Tom Hiddleston, a story that UK tabloid the Sun delighted in splashing all over its front-page.

According to E! Online, a source has told them that Calvin already suspected that Taylor was cheating on him.

“Calvin was very suspicious that Taylor was cheating during their relationship. He just didn’t know with whom. He feels like these pictures confirm his suspicions, and it changes everything. He is so angry and feels betrayed. He is convinced that Taylor was cheating with Tom while they were still together.”

Of course, Calvin is just the latest in a list of celebrity break-ups for Taylor Swift, who has also had high-profile splits with Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, and One Direction’s Harry Styles.

It sometimes seems that Harris may just be the latest in a list of high-profile boyfriends all calculated to keep the media talking about Swift. At first glance it seems unlikely that Harris and Swift would get involved in a publicity stunt “romance” just to keep their names in the papers. That said, it is widely believed that the relationship between Swift and Harry Styles was never real.

Fans of Swift and Harris must be shaking their heads in disbelief at a story in GQ Magazine. They claim that Harris is throwing shade at Swift because Calvin wore Yeezy sneakers two days in a row when he went to the gym. It seems that Calvin has decided to wear the shoes as a direct snub to Taylor. After all, Calvin’s shoes were designed by Kanye West, and Taylor and Kanye are not exactly the best of buddies.

If Calvin’s choice of footwear is meant as a slap in the face for Taylor then it must surely be one of the most subtle insults ever perpetuated between couples who are going through a break-up. I wonder if anyone has considered that Harris might have bought the shoes because he likes them?

If you are someone who thinks that high-profile celebrities like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris would not get involved in a fake romance to boost their publicity, you might want to consider that the Guardian is already questioning whether Taylor and Tom Hiddleston is a stunt.

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