Marie Reyes Says Failed Friendship With LeeAnne Has ‘Been A Relief For Me’

Marie Reyes may not have been a full-time housewife on this season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, but she did make sure that viewers knew who she was. Without really trying, Marie quickly got the label that she was trying to cause trouble by gossiping about her friends. When LeeAnne Locken learned that her infamous and embarrassing poop story had surfaced in the Dallas social circles, she immediately blamed Marie for it. Reyes has said repeatedly that she did not share this story, and she wants Locken to take a closer look at her friend, Tiffany Hendra.

According to a new Bravo report, Marie Reyes is now revealing that she was scared going to the reunion special, because she knew that LeeAnne and Tiffany would be ganging up on her. As Reyes points out in her blog, she was physically shaking by the time the reunion show was over, because she had no idea that her co-star would be so aggressive towards her.

“Reliving the night of the Austin trip on the Reunion stage was difficult and traumatic for me. I wanted the chance to clear the air, unfortunately, as usual, Tiffany did all of the speaking, in this case, YELLING, for LeeAnne and again channeled rage and despair on LeeAnne’s behalf. Tiffany’s rage is inexplicable to me,” Marie Reyes explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas, sharing that she doesn’t understand why Tiffany has such a big problem with her.

Of course, Hendra and Locken have been friends for a long time and LeeAnne may trust her friend more than she does Marie Reyes. And since these three ladies were the only ones present during the poop scenario, LeeAnne has an easy time blaming Reyes. Several times, Marie had revealed that Tiffany was the one to blame for everything that went wrong this season. Reyes believes that Hendra gossiped about her best friend, but has yet to take responsibility for it.

“Instead of sticking up for lousy behavior by one of your friends, how about telling your friend who’s [sic] behavior was appalling towards each and every woman on the show to lovingly check herself? On the Reunion stage, it was pretty obvious to me that LeeAnne and Tiffany had decided I was their mutual enemy. It was uncomfortable sitting on that couch and I left the studio shaking,” Marie Reyes points out in her blog after spending quite a bit of time justifying why she should not be blamed for everything that went wrong this season.

Marie Reyes explains that she hasn’t really talked to LeeAnne since the Austin trip. The two have clearly gone through quite a bit and they have clearly struggled to make it work. While Reyes wants to point the finger at someone else, LeeAnne struggles to see another side of the story than what she does. But Marie reveals that it has been a relief to let go of the friendship.

“Friends occasionally outgrow each other. Friendships sometimes end. Me and LeeAnne’s friendship changed over the years. Sadly I allowed myself to be abused at the end of our friendship. The LeeAnne on the show with was not the LeeAnne I knew and loved. We no longer have much in common and letting go of the relationship has been a relief for me,” Marie Reyes concludes her blog.

What do you think of Marie Reyes no longer being friends with LeeAnne? Do you think Marie Reyes should come back for the second season of the show and become a full-time housewife, given how the dynamics currently are between the ladies?

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