‘Bringing Up Bates’ Courtship Update: Nathan Bates And Ashley Salyer Seek Advice

Fans of Bringing Up Bates are watching as Nathan Bates and Ashley Salyer work through “conflict” in their courtship with wisdom well beyond their years. Nathan Bates announced his courtship with Ashley at the beginning of the season with sister Tori Bates announcing her courtship with Bobby shortly after. However, all eyes are on Nathan and Ashley as the pair detail struggles they are having regarding the future of their relationship.

SheKnows recaps the courtship conflicts by asking “is there trouble in paradise” while detailing some of the pair’s concerns. It seems that while the pair is acknowledging that they have some struggles as a couple, they are both willing to work through those concerns together in a bid to determine if God wants them to get married.

Nathan and Ashley seek courtship counseling from Kelly Jo and Gil Bates in the episode and are open about the problems they see in their relationship together. Nathan tells his parents that while he would never want Ashley to change as he loves her “and who she is,” he reveals that he is concerned that God may not want them together as husband and wife.

“You know, I don’t want Ashley to change. I love her and who she is, but at the same time, we do have concerns. We have, sometimes, a lot of conflict, and neither one of us are really, you know, sure that God wants us to get married.”


The concerns are noted but Kelly Jo Bates quickly compliments the pair for being so open with their communication and details that they are experiencing something that all couples experience.

“I am so proud of y’all. It’s obvious — you’re sitting here holding hands — it’s obvious that you have feelings for each other and, I mean, you’re discovering something about relationships that everybody has to discover. There are times that you rub each other the wrong way.”

While Kelly Jo says that this particular concern is normal, she does not go so far as to say the relationship will lead to marriage. The pair is encouraged to continue with their open communication while deciding if they have a future together. Even if the pair ends their courtship, it is clear that they are taking the process very seriously and are attempting to determine if marriage is right for them.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s sister Tori is also in a courtship. Tori’s boyfriend Bobby has been seen frequently with the family and even participated in the Bates family I Love You Day games. The Bates blog details that all of the Bates couples, including Tori and Nathan, played a game similar to Taboo. The couples would attempt to answer questions about their partner to see how well they know each other.

Much like Nathan, Tori has been very honest about her courtship with Bobby noting that it may or may not last. Instead, it seems that both of the Bates pairs are focusing on learning more about their potential partner and determining if marriage is in their near future.

What do you think about Nathan Bates being so honest about his concerns with Ashley? Do you think the pair’s open communication will lead to a successful marriage or will the pair realize they have too many differences and part ways? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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