‘Mighty No. 9’ Delayed Again, Early Reviews Not Looking Good

Fans on XBox 360 who are anxiously wanting to get their hands on Mighty No. 9 will have to wait a little longer.

Mighty No. 9 has been delayed again for users on XBox 360 consoles, as a bug was discovered during the final testing. Multiple delays have arisen since the initial startup of the Mighty No. 9 campaign, so this may not be such a surprise to those who have been following the game’s progress from the beginning. According to Polygon, the game has already been resubmitted, and developer Comcept has stated that they expect Mighty No. 9 to go gold in only a few days if plans are executed as they would like.

While XBox 360 users and backers have to wait to play Mighty No. 9 on consoles, they’ll be given a Steam code that will allow them to play the game on PC. Fortunately, the game has successfully been released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, XBox One, and Windows PC. Mighty No. 9 retails at $19.99, so players won’t be paying anywhere around $60 for the side-scrolling shooter adventure.

The reviews for Mighty No. 9 have been rolling in since the game’s release, but its reception has not been as great as Comcept might have hoped. With nearly $4 million in crowdfunding, one can only wonder why Mighty No. 9 has fallen short. Critics are stating that the game is certainly a nod to the Mega Man series, but the game is lacking the soul that made the blue bomber popular.

The concept of Mighty No. 9 is about what you would expect from a Mega Man game: players will run, jump, and shoot their way through levels. The main character, Beck, is an android that is part of a group called the Mighty Numbers. He is the ninth of the squad, and a virus breaks out that turns all but Beck rogue. Machines around the world are also turned malicious, and it’s up to Beck to save the day. His sidekick, Call, assists him along the way.

With every section of Mighty No. 9 passed, players will discover that Beck has different abilities that they can retain for use in a multitude of situations. According to IGN, however, the reviews disapprove of the powers due to the fact that Beck’s standard weapons are more than enough to beat the game. This is a stark contrast to the Mega Man games, as tackling different levels in different orders would make a boss battle much easier. Beck doesn’t just wield the weapons that he acquires when beating the bosses, however. He fully transforms into them, and there’s also a mechanic in which Beck is able to steal common weapons from enemies. This gives Might No. 9 replay value, as every combat situation can be played with a different style of approach in mind.

Ultimately, the potential of Might No. 9 doesn’t appear to be enough to make it a polished product that many critics can enjoy. In a report by Kotaku, director Keiji Inafune says that he owns the problems with the game. Controversy has surrounded the frequency of delays and overall issues that have surrounded the game. Inafune weighed in on this, discussing his feelings on the public eye with regard to Mighty No. 9.

“You know, I want to word this in a way to explain some of the issues that come with trying to make a game of this size on different platforms,” Inafune began. “I’m kind of loath to say this because it’s going to sound like an excuse and I don’t want to make any excuses. I own all the problems that came with this game and if you want to hurl insults at me, it’s totally my fault. I’m the key creator. I will own that responsibility.”

How do you feel about Mighty No. 9? Are you enjoying the game, or do you feel that it’s lackluster in comparison to what you expected? Let us know in the comment section below.

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