‘Pretty Little Liars’ E.P. Says ‘This Is The End Of PLL As We Know It’

For months now, rumors have been buzzing that Pretty Little Liars would be coming to an end with Season 7 and that has been pretty much accepted by fans, as the show’s main stars have already begun to expand their reaches beyond the Freeform series, but recent statements made by showrunner Marlene King suggests that many of us have been jumping to conclusions. While King has neither confirmed nor denied that Pretty Little Liars would no longer be on the Freeform line up, new comments from the executive producer suggest that there may be an alternative many of us have yet to consider.

Pretty Little Liars‘ Marlene King Dishes On The End Of The Series

Pretty Little Liars is just a couple of days away from the Season 7 premiere, and while fans are certainly looking forward to another season filled with romance and mystery, they’re also dreading what may be the last installment of the beloved series. Mourning the loss of Pretty Little Liars may be premature, however, as Marlene King has offered a small ray of hope. During a panel that included PLL stars Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Sasha Pieterse, Tyler Blackburn, Andrea Parker, Keegan Allen, and producer Charlie Craig, Ms. King revealed that, while the story of Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end, that might not necessarily spell doom for the series as a whole.

“This is the end of PLL as we know it,” King said. “The show is coming to a closure of sorts, and that’s all we can say for now. Everyone loves their characters and the world so we hope it continues in some way shape or form.”

The panel also teased the upcoming season, revealing that fans can expect a Pretty Little Liars wedding, among other things.

“There will be a proposal in the summer and a wedding when we come back in the winter,” said the Pretty Little Liars showrunner.

For those fans who don’t follow the love affairs with as much fascination, King also promised that Pretty Little Liars fans will get their fix of murder and mystery in a big way.

“It will be the biggest body count we’ve ever had on a season of Pretty Little Liars.”

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Is The Season Not To Be Missed

It’s been called the season of answers, the season of romance, and the season of homecomings, so, whatever draw Pretty Little Liars holds for the individual fans, it seems clear there will be something for everyone. Marlene King herself is pushing the homecoming angle and she may be right, considering how many actors are returning in Season 7. The series will see Lindsey Shaw, Drew Van Acker, Brant Daugherty, and Tammin Sursok all returning to complicate the lives of the Pretty Little Liars central figures and with Shay Mitchell touting the season as the season of answers, it seems clear fans will get a sense of closure with some of these returning characters’ unfinished story arcs.

“Season 7 is unlike any other season because it’s the end of PLL as we know it,” Lucy Hale added.

Meanwhile, Troian Bellisario proved herself to be the true romantic on the cast, as she teased the love affairs and beloved relationships of the series.

“Definitely a lot of love triangles, a lot of characters are sort of speaking their truths and sharing their feelings that they’ve had for several years,” Bellisario says.

While some actresses have been clear that they feel Pretty Little Liars has reached a point of closure, it seems Marlene King has other ideas. In light of that difference of opinion, it seems likely that King and the rest of the production team may have an eye for continuing Pretty Little Liars in a new direction. Perhaps, after the current story arc has reached a conclusion, Season 8 of Pretty Little Liars may pick up with an entirely new cast of characters with new villains and new mysteries. Such a prospect would also leave the opportunity for former cast members to return in a guest starring or recurring role in the future.

The possibility of rebooting the series in such a way certainly exists, considering how many stalkers seem to be attracted to Rosewood.

The Season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesday, June 21, on Freeform.

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