Chrome Mirror Nails: Hotness For 2016 Manicures And Pedicures [Video]

The chrome mirror nails trend is moving full steam ahead, as witnessed by the viral video below. A sort of ordinary nail gets transformed into one with a seriously shiny and mirrored effect. So much so that the end result makes the nail look like a mirror.

The chrome mirror nails are reminiscent of the minx nails trend that was once so popular. The hashtag #minxnails has 22,049 posts on Instagram; however, the chrome mirror nail effect might surpass the popularity of minx nails. On Instagram, the hashtag #chromenails has 5,372 posts, while #mirrornails has 3,901 posts.

Perhaps the chrome mirror nails will grow in popularity faster than minx nails because the mirror nail trend seems easier to accomplish at home. There are several ways that chrome mirror nails can be achieved, reports the Daily Mail.

Either the mirrored look can be gained via painting the nails with chrome nail polish, or by using metallic nail wraps — which seems like a harder feat for DIY folks to emulate at home. Then there is also the highly pigmented powder that can be used, as seen in the video above touting the chrome mirror effect powder.

It is a silver powder that has a high amount of silver pigment. First a gel base coat that’s black is often used. The Ocean Nail Supply company explains that their mirror chrome effect powder additive is on back order, likely due to the popularity of the polish and powder. Like many other nail tutorials showing the chrome effect, it involves using a UV/LED light to cure the nails.

“In this kit you’ll be getting the Chrome Mirror effect powder #1, Gold Mirror effect powder #2, Mix Mirror effect powder #3 [at] 2.5 grams per jar. Also you’ll get a gel that works as an adhesive for the powder. Use that gel to create effects [as] needed for the chrome finish. Gel works with UV/LED.”

“Available as preorder on! Additional information has been added to the preorder listing on the page. We know there’s a few others listed but after examination ours truly stands on its own.”

Other mirror nail videos show products that don’t require a UV light to cure them. Others, like the Metal Manix powder by Indigo require training before even being allowed to purchase the item. That particular powder reportedly works best with gel in order to massage the powder in well to get the mirror-like shiny chrome finish.

With mirror nails being a big hit this summer, people will likely look for the easiest ways to emulate the trend without going through too much trouble.

Other videos show people using tools in order to get the powder to turn into a mirror effect. However, with instructions to cure some of the gel layers for only a matter of seconds to make the chrome powder buff easily, the process can seem somewhat complex to create.

The easiest way to jump into the mirror nails trend seems to be displayed in the below Instagram video from the Born Pretty Store. Their “Born Pretty Mirror Polish” goes for $9.99 as of this writing, for two bottles in each set.

According to the below YouTube video, the mirror polish from the Born Pretty Store dries extremely quickly, which could be a great advantage for women who like to polish their nails on-the-go in the car. The store admits on the product page that their mirror nails product doesn’t have a strong adsorption rate, claiming that it might last one or two days.

“To get a longer lifespan please apply the base coat then the mirror polish and apply the base coat again to seal it.”

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