Cristiano Ronaldo New Love Triangle: Paula Suarez And Presumptive GF Elisa De Panicis

Plutarc Sicat - Author

Jun. 19 2016, Updated 7:42 p.m. ET

Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer legend, has managed to form a new love triangle since having a quick vacation aboard his luxury yacht in Ibiza prior to the Euro 2016. He had a dinner date with Paula Suarez and then some quality time with the Colombia model aboard his yacht. The Mirror said then that it was just a one night stand, and apparently so.

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Because after the paparazzi’s confirmed the sighting of Suarez, there seems to be a romance blackout in the love life of Christiano Ronaldo leading up to the opening of the soccer games. At the same time, the dizzying euphoria that was the Champions League now seems to be an echo from a distant past. Ronaldo’s audience, a captive then and a loose one now is still waiting for him to score in order to revive the electrified excitement that characterized the League games.

Could it be that something is bothering Cristiano Ronaldo so he cannot seem to concentrate, these days? A lot of serious matters can certainly preoccupy the mind of the soccer genius outside of strategizing to win the games. One of them is homophobic slurs.

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According to Attitude, a German paper appears to question Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexuality for having only men in his boat. It may be because the paper hasn’t heard of the word bromance yet, or the fact that serious athletes need to preserve their strength especially when preparing for a sports competition. Hence, they avoid the temptation by keeping women at bay.

The source also says that this isn’t the first time that Cristiano Ronaldo has received gay innuendos. Here it is in the source’s own words.

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“Last December, French sports presenter Daniel Riolo courted controversy after implying that Ronaldo’s relationship with boxer Badr Hari was more than just friendship. And it seems the continued digs are having an effect on the pitch too: Back in April, a Spanish LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual] rights group made a formal complaint to Spain’s State Commission against Violence in Sport after Ronaldo was subjected to repeated homophobic slurs from the crowd during a match.”

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Poor, poor Cristiano being grilled for nothing. Why, he has a 5-year-old son. Ronaldo had a serious relationship with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk for several years up until they broke up last year. After that, he had been linked to Nataly Rincon, another Colombian model like Suarez.

Somehow, the German paper managed to miss Paula Suarez altogether when she boarded the yacht for a night with Ronaldo during the Ibiza rendezvous. This is understandable because it’s not possible to do a 24/7 surveillance of a luxury boat especially if you’re the paparazzi and the boat doesn’t belong to you.

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But here’s the thing. Italian reality TV star Elisa De Panicis seems to have come from nowhere and all of sudden, she is claiming to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s serious girlfriend, according to Mirror. When asked if it was more than a one night stand, Panicis reportedly replied, “How can it not be?”

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In addition, Elisa De Panicis has no pictures to show of herself being anywhere with Cristiano Ronaldo other than on his boat. And worse, in the said picture, she is standing behind brunette Paula Suarez who happens to be the one actually romancing Ronaldo. There is no doubt that De Panicis is Ronaldo’s type. Still, the soccer champion is yet to say anything about her and hence, for now, she will have to be the presumptive girlfriend.

Anyway, being totally scoreless for the last two games must be so embarrassing for the 31-year-old soccer forward who usually manages to make rival Lionel Messi pale by comparison. However, in the soccer game against Iceland followed by Austria on Saturday night, when Cristiano Ronaldo’s scoring never amounted to anything, the crowd was heard chanting, “Messi, Messi, Messi.”

This must deal Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego a big blow given its enormous size. But if there is one thing that Ronaldo Cristiano has shown, it is his tremendous capacity to rebound from a losing streak. So watch out, folks.

[Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images]


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