2016 WWE Money In The Bank Results — Updated LIVE!

Today on Sunday, June 19, WWE will present WWE Money in the Bank, live at 8/5 p.m. ET/PT at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those who are unable to attend the live event, it will be available for viewing exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.

However, the Inquisitr understands not everyone in the WWE Universe (or wrestling community in general) will be able to spend up to three hours watching WWE Money in the Bank. Therefore, results will be presented live as they become available.

Similar to past WWE pay-per-views, the WWE is providing a kick-off, courtesy to those who do not have a paid subscription to the WWE Network. One hour before the special event at 7/4 p.m. ET/PT, WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff will take place, which will include a panel of WWE personalities and commentators discussing the matches in WWE Money in the Bank. Not only that, but there will be two tag-team matches that will happen too — The Lucha Dragons versus The Dudley Boyz and The Golden Truth versus Breezango. It can be viewed not only on the WWE Network, but also on WWE’s official website, WWE App, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

As for the main card itself, the following match card shown below is what is provided at this moment, and it can change for any reason. The Inquisitr will update this article with the latest results as they become available live, but as for a synopsis, it will be fully-updated after the event is done. Also, since the WWE Payback Kickoff is technically free-to-watch, results for its two matches will not be included below.

Apollo Crews versus Sheamus (Singles Match)

RESULT: Apollo Crews defeats Sheamus via pinfall after countering Sheamus’s lackluster cover into a crucifix pin.

SYNOPSIS: This match is best described as powerhouse versus powerhouse, with one powerhouse having charisma and agility too. Apollo Crews and Sheamus matched each other even as the fight went outside. It was then Sheamus was able to attain the advantage with his brawler tactics.

Eventually, Apollo Crews gained momentum again which included a suplex outside of the ring onto the floor and a moonsault off the ring apron. Sheamus would gain the upper hand yet again especially with White Noise off the top turnbuckle. Unfortunately for him, not taking Crews seriously cost Sheamus the match as his pin attempt was reversed into a crucifix pin, just long enough for Crews to win.

Dolph Ziggler versus Baron Corbin (Singles Match)

RESULT: Baron Corbin defeats Dolph Ziggler via pinfall after the End of Days.

SYNOPSIS: Sad to say this but this was probably the most boring match of the night. Even with Dolph Ziggler’s charisma, it wasn’t enough. Baron Corbin utilized his skill set of strikes and power moves. Everytime “The Showoff” built momentum, “The Lone Wolf” was able to counter it which included a Deep Six on the floor outside of the ring. Eventually, Corbin connects with the End of Days to earn the three-count on Ziggler.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke versus Natalya and Becky Lynch (Tag Team Match)

RESULT: Charlotte and Dana Brooke defeat Natalya and Becky Lynch via pinfall after Charlotte lateral presses Natalya after Natural Selection.

SYNOPSIS: Dolph Ziggler versus Baron Corbin was most-boring match of the night but the women’s tag team match had poor chemistry. Natalya and Becky Lynch teamwork to stay in control until Charlotte and Dana Brooke started utilizing double-team moves and cheat tactics to gain the upper hand.

The match continued in such a manner until Becky Lynch was able to gain momentum which gave Natalya the chance to lock in the Sharpshooter on Charlotte. Dana Brooke tried to break the submission but Lynch came in time to stop it. However, Brooke threw Lynch into Natalya which discombobulated her. Charlotte was able to connect with Natural Selection and pick up the win.

Rusev (with Lana) versus Titus O’Neil (WWE United States Championships)

RESULT: Rusev defeats Titus O’Neil via submission with the Accolade.

SYNOPSIS: This match was considered the filler match between the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match and the Money in the Bank Ladder Match (which means the winner of the MITB match might be a part of the main event). Anyways, this was another powerhouse versus powerhouse match in which Titus O’Neil should have won just because it was Father’s Day and his kids were in the crowd.

Titus O’Neil utilized all of his power moves, including his Prime Time Boot, but Rusev was able to power out too. Eventually, the “Bulgarian Brute” was able to overpower O’Neil, locking in the Accolade for the submission win.

The New Day versus Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson versus Enzo Amore and Big Cass versus The Vaudevillains (Fatal 4-Way for WWE Tag Team Championships)

RESULT: The New Day defeats Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and the Vaudevillains via pinfall after Kofi Kingston lateral presses Aiden English after he suffered a Magic Killer by Gallows and Anderson to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

SYNOPSIS: Prior to the actual match starting, Las Vegas was treated to the gift of gab by Enzo Amore and Big Cass followed by the entertaining banter of The New Day. The match then started out with no particular team gaining the advantage in which all eight wrestlers were given a decent amount of wrestling time.

The match became very interesting when a brawl broke out among all eight men. Eventually, Enzo Amore and Big Cass gained the advantage and they almost became the new WWE Tag Team Champions with their Rocket Launcher. The win was interesting though as Aiden English was the legal man as he suffered the Magic Killer by “The Club.” In the chaos, Luke Gallows was taken out by Big Cass while Karl Anderson was taken out by The New Day with the Midnight Hour. Kofi Kingston than covered English for the three-count.

Kevin Owens versus Cesaro versus Alberto del Rio versus Sami Zayn versus Dean Ambrose versus Chris Jericho (Money in the Bank Ladder Match)

RESULT: Dean Ambrose attains the Money in the Bank Briefcase to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

SYNOPSIS: The most-entertaining match of the night. It was very hard to discern what was going on as it was chaos from the very start. Alberto del Rio dropkicked a ladder into Sami Zayn but also locked in his Cross Armbreaker on Cesaro on top of the ladder. Cesaro did the Cesaro Swing to two wrestlers in which Chris Jericho was thrown into a ladder. Kevin Owens hit a frog splash on Dean Ambrose lying on a ladder. Zayn dropped Owens with a Michinoku Driver on a ladder lying on its side.

The match started to comes to a climax when the wrestlers assembled four ladders into an intricate pattern with two ladders set up in the center of the ring and two other ladders elevated among the central ladders. A scramble for the briefcase resulted in contestants being taken out except for Dean Ambrose. Being the last one standing, he was able to climb the ladder and claim the briefcase (which he might cash in later tonight).

John Cena versus AJ Styles (Singles Match)

RESULT: AJ Styles defeats John Cena via pinfall after Styles lateral presses Cena after Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson connects Cena with the Magic Killer.

SYNOPSIS: Probably the most hyped match of the night. The match begins with John Cena and AJ Styles sizing each other up, trading holds cautiously. Eventually, it became a trading of fisticuffs in which Styles had the upper hand. Everytime Cena attemped an offense, Styles had a counter to it. Styles eventually got caught in the STF but he was able to get out.

John Cena also showed his resiliency too as he survived the Calf Killer, kicked out of the Styles Clash, and countered a Springboard 450 with double knees. Cena would then get Styles on his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment but inadvertently knocked out the referee. This gave Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson the opportunity to come down to the ring and hit the Magic Killer on Cena. After placing Styles on top of a laid-out Cena and escaping to the back, the referee is able to shake off the cobwebs and give Styles the three-count victory.

Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

RESULT: Seth Rollins defeats Roman Reigns via pinfall after the Pedigree. However, Dean Ambrose cashes in the Money in the Bank Briefcase and defeats Rollins via pinfall after Dirty Deeds.

SYNOPSIS: Seth Rollins started the match out quickly, using his speed and agility to keep the advantage. Roman Reigns was able to slow down the match to his pace however when he increased his aggression, hitting Rollins with huge strikes that floored Rollins.

Eventually, Seth Rollins was able to fight back which caused a back-and-forth exchange as the buildup to the conclusion. Some of the highlights in favor of Rollins includes kicking Reigns outside and following up with two Flying Dives, and the Falcon’s Arrow. Highlights for Reigns includes a huge Spear after countering a Pedigree. Eventually, Rollins was able to gain the pinfall victory after two Pedigrees, the first being a magnificent counter to a Spear.

Sadly for Seth Rollins, he would not stay WWE World Heavyweight Champion for long as Dean Ambrose cashed in the Money in the Bank Briefcase. First, Ambrose attacked Rollins from behind with the briefcase than when the match officially started, he hit Rollins with Dirty Deeds. It was enough for Ambrose to get the three count in which he became the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career.

[Image via WWE Promotions for 2016 WWE Money in the Bank]

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