Is The Marriage Of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Corey And Miranda Simms, In Trouble?

Will another Teen Mom 2 couple be biting the dust soon? First, fans were devastated when Kailyn Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin finally confirmed that the divorce rumors were true. Now, Corey Simms and his wife Miranda Patterson are getting hit left and right with fans claiming the Teen Mom 2 couple are planning to get a divorce.

Radar Online reports that according to a source who is fairly close to Corey Simms, the divorce rumors are nothing more than rumors. The source claims there is nothing wrong with the marriage between Corey and his wife Miranda.

Rumors of Corey and Miranda Simms splitting up really took a turn for the worse when someone created a fake Facebook profile claiming to be Corey, and posting vague messages about how he was going to be a single father again. It was Miranda Simms who confirmed the Facebook profile feeding the divorce rumors was not Corey, but just someone trying to add fuel to the fire.

It was roughly a year ago when Corey and Miranda went through a rough patch after Leah admitted to having a steamy affair with the father of her twin daughters a few months after Corey and Miranda got married. Teen Mom 2 fan rumors claimed Leah and Corey Simms ended up being intimate in the back of his truck after they met to talk about their two twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah.

Teen Mom 2 fans were not aware of the affair between Corey Simms and his ex-wife until he came clean about it during the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 finale a year ago. The incident also allegedly happened a year and a half after Messer married her second ex-husband, Jeremy. Jeremy claimed that in addition to Messer cheating on him with Corey Simms, she also cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie. Teen Mom 2 fans may remember this was the same ex-boyfriend Messer cheated on Corey Simms with right before she married him back in 2010.

Corey Simms and his wife Miranda were able to work past the affair he had with Leah, and the couple welcomed their first daughter, Remi, into the world in November of 2015. The couple have reported that Remi is doing well after having to spend some time in the hospital because of her premature birth.

According to EnStarz, the divorce rumors regarding Miranda and Corey Simms may just be the cherry on top of the cake that finally results in the couple walking away from Teen Mom 2. The two had already made the decision to be onscreen less, because Corey felt as though MTV was portraying him as a monster of an ex-husband when he really just wanted what was best for his girls. Naturally, this had Teen Mom 2 fans wondering whether or not Leah and her twins will be in the show next season, as Corey still has to sign a waiver giving permission for the girls to be on the show without him.

If things continue the way they are going now, it is possible Leah will not be on Teen Mom 2 at all; her ex-husband Jeremy also wants nothing to do with the show and does not appear to have the intention of signing a waiver to give permission for his daughter Leah to be in the show without him. Unlike most of the parents in Teen Mom 2, Jeremy does have a real and well-paying job. It is likely that quitting the show would not hurt his finances the way it might hurt Corey Simms’ ex-wife Leah.

If fans remember correctly, rumors about Kailyn Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin getting a divorce circled for a pretty long time before the two Teen Mom 2 stars finally confirmed they were ending their marriage. Despite what sources close to the couple are saying, is it possible that Miranda and Corey Simms are the next Teen Mom 2 couple to come to an end?

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