Chris Brown Still Has A Soft Corner For Rihanna

Chris Brown is probably still not over Rihanna, or so it would seem. He was seen dancing to Rihanna’s hit song and later on posted the now-deleted Instagram message that said: “She was the type of girl the moon chased and the stars wished for,” Enstarz has reported. And it looks like the fans were quick to read what Chris was talking about.

“You know you aren’t yourself until you have Rihanna back with you. Stop wasting your time hiding your feelings from her…”

Another wrote, “Rihanna… But in your dreams lol.”

Another said, “He’s not talking about Karate he’s talking about Rihanna.”

However, there were others who seemed to believe that Chris Brown was talking about Karrueche Tran.

This is not the first time rumors of Chris Brown hoping to get back with Rihanna have come to the forefront of conversation. The Inquisitr had quoted Hollywood Life as saying that the couple really did talk on Chris Brown’s birthday, and Rihanna and he allegedly indulged in sweet talk.

Sources have even stated that Rihanna didn’t keep herself from complimenting Chris over how sexy he was. “Ri was full of compliments. She told him how proud of him she is and made it clear that he’s matured greatly. She told him to keep coming with the hits and gave him the biggest compliment of all by telling him he’s still sexy as f**k,” a source told Hollywood Life. Do you think there is a chance that Rihanna might still have a soft corner for Chris Brown?

The publication also indicated that Chris Brown was a very lucky man given that he got a sweet birthday wish from both Rihanna and Royalty.

“Chris is so spoiled,” said the insider. “He got mad birthday love from his two favorite girls – Ro Ro (Royalty) and RiRi. Ri called him and wished him a happy birthday while he was playing with his daughter.” It looks like Chris Brown would really like to get back with Rihanna, after all.

The Inquisitr had also quoted Hollywood Life as saying that Chris Brown still nurses hopes to marry Rihanna and that he doesn’t like it the idea of Drake proposing to her.

“Dating is fine. Hook ups are fine. But if Chris got wind that Drake actually proposed to Rihanna, he wouldn’t let that happen,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life exclusively. The sources have said that Chris believes Drake is not the right man for Rihanna. “He doesn’t believe Drake’s the man who could offer Rihanna everything she’d want in life. He believes Drake sees women as trophies and doesn’t want Ri to be the next girl on his trophy wall. Yeah, Chris isn’t ready to be in a true committed relationship with Ri at this moment, but if Drake tried to take her off the market, it would force Chris to man up quickly.”

That’s not all. Chris Brown actually believes that Rihanna is “wifey material.”

But, what does Rihanna think about all this? Sources have stated that Beyonce’s latest songs are really hurting Rihanna. They are reminding her of her time with Chris Brown. “Rihanna is feeling Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade.’ It was epic, but it brought back some very painful moments in her life, particularly her saga with Chris and him not ever being able to keep it in his pants. One of the reasons why Rihanna is single to this day is because good men are hard to find. She’s tried; Chris, Drake, Leonardo [DiCaprio], Matt Kemp, but as the saying goes, if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it — sadly, she still doesn’t have one,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna would ever get back together? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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