Charlie Sheen Tells The Perfect Donald Trump Story To Graham Norton [Video]

Charlie Sheen has more than his fair share of Hollywood stories to tell, but on the Graham Norton Show, Hollywood’s most notorious bad boy shared a story about none other than presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Sheen also made it clear that he he is no fan of Trump, and will definitely not be giving his endorsement. The anecdote he shared with Norton about his own Trump encounter several years ago probably won’t surprise others who have no love of the businessman-turned-presidential candidate.

Sheen told Norton that he is no fan of Donald Trump, and their paths crossed approximately five years ago at a dinner party where the Trumps were present along with Sheen and his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. While his meeting certainly didn’t improve his opinion of Trump, it was clear he was no fan even prior to that evening.

“About halfway through, I noticed Donald staring at my watch. And he started saying — I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your wedding, and I’m thinking, I didn’t invite you.”

charlie sheen with brooke mueller
Actor Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller during the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. [Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images for EXTRA]
Sheen went on to explain how Trump said he wanted to give him a wedding present on behalf of himself and Melania, and he proceeded to remove his cufflinks and give them to Sheen, claiming they were platinum and diamond from renowned celebrity jeweler Harry Winston. Sheen, thinking the notorious businessman was giving him an extremely extravagant gift, responding as one would expect under such circumstances.

“So I said, ‘Oh gosh Trump, you really shouldn’t do this.’ He says ‘Oh no, it’s the least I can do and have a great marriage’ and all that — little did he know — so smash cut to about six months later. I had some jewelry getting appraised at the house, you know, and she finished and was leaving. I said ‘You know, there’s another couple of pieces that I’m very curious about. Would you mind appraising these?’ “

Sheen told the appraiser the whole story of the dinner party meeting and the conversation he had with Trump about the cufflinks given to him that night, including Trump’s claim they were platinum and diamond.

“She took the loupe, and spent about four seconds, and kind of recoiled from it, much like people do from Trump. So she says, ‘In their finest moment, this is cheap pewter and bad zirconias.’ And they’re stamped ‘Trump.’ “

That doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of jewelry Harry Winston would sell, but if one is going to say pewter and zirconia are platinum and diamond, stretching the truth a little further to say they came from Harry Winston is the least of the lies. While Sheen seem to find the story amusing, it did give him pods as to the character behind the man who lied about giving such a luxurious gift and the possible metaphor one could draw from the story of a billionaire — who has declared bankruptcy multiple times — wearing fake diamond and platinum cufflinks.

“I just thought, what does this really say about the man? You know, that he said here’s like, a great wedding gift, and it’s just a bag of dog sh*t.”

Melania and Donald Trump
Donald Trump with his wife Melania Trump at an NBC Town Hall. [Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]
Asked for his thoughts on Trump’s wife, Melania, he said during their exchange with the cufflinks, she didn’t say a word, and although she’s “very sweet and very pretty,” she “just kind of sits there.” Given Sheen’s volatile past relationships, including three failed marriages and romantic involvements with porn stars, it sounds like Mrs. Trump may not be his cup of tea.

He asked host Norton if the laughter from the UK audience was about the story or sort of having a good laugh at the expense of the U.S. in general for the “charlatan” Trump? Norton said that these were scary times in many places, but that things seem to be extra scary for the United States at the moment. Sheen, however, said he remained hopeful that Americans would not elect Donald Trump for president.

“I have faith that good and decent people will make the right choice, and the circus will leave town before it contaminates the Oval Office.”

Watch Charlie Sheen tell the story in the video clip below.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

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