White House Party Crasher And ‘Real Housewives’ Tareq Salahi Has A New Scheme

Real Housewives of DC was the only Real Housewives that didn’t get renewed. RHODC crashed and burned, as did all of the relationships on the show, but one couple, or house husband sticks out as, to put it politely, an enigma, and that is Tareq Salahi. Salahi really likes the spotlight, but personal and professional failures knocked him off his polo horse. But Tareq Salahi claims he has a new Real Housewives-related scheme, and a new wife that he believes are going to put Salahi back on the DC map, and back in the showbiz spotlight.

The Inquisitr reported that the only Real Housewives significant other that perhaps was shadier than Tareq Salahi was Brooks Ayers on Real Housewives of Orange County, attached to the “OG of the OC,” Vicki Gunvalson. Brooks Ayers almost took down the longest running housewife with a story about having cancer that didn’t ring true to anyone else. The story threatened all of Vicki’s relationships, including her relationship with her daughter Brianna.

According to the Washingtonian, Tareq Salahi is cooking up a new Real Housewives scheme with a new line of wine, and is still trying to capitalize on being a White House party crasher with an Airbnb to pay the mortgage. But Tareq took a big hit when his Real Housewives wife, Michaele Salahi dumped him, and ran off with a rock star from the band Journey, Neal Schon. But before the marriage could be disbanded, Tareq Salahi would claim in a panic that Michaele Salahi had been kidnapped.

But today, Tareq Salahi is in recovery mode, and is moving on. Salahi is renting out his five acre Front Royal spread, and selling guests mementos. And Salahi claims that he can’t keep his “I CRASHED AT THE WHITE HOUSE PARTY CRASHER’S PAD!” T-shirts that go for $20 each, or ten for $150.

“About once a month, we’ve got to reorder [more],” he says. “Sometimes a group will take the whole box.”

But time moves on, and Tareq Salahi says he is still in the wine biz, and has a new angle, and a new wine called Real Housewinos. Yes, Real Housewinos, and Salahi says it is the kind of wine that one would drink while watching trashy tv, and that’s how it will be marketed.

“This kind of wine you’re going to be [drinking while] watching your favorite reality TV, whether it’s The Real Housewives or whether it’s something on MTV.”

Tareq Salahi also claims that he is brewing two beers, inspired by his political, social, and personal meltdown. They are called Gold Digging Blonde Ale and White House Party Crasher Ale. Yes, it seems that Tareq Salahi really has no shame.

But Tareq Salahi says that 2017 will be the unveiling of his biggest and best project yet, which is a Real Housewinos celebrity cruise, where fans can meet their favorite Housewives—there’ll be one from each city—while cruising from Florida to the Bahamas.

There is no word yet which Housewives have signed on, if any, but Lisa Spoden, a health care executive from Arlington, Virginia is his partner, his backer, and now his wife. Tareq Salahi used their engagement party as a business opportunity to do some market research for Real Housewinos, standing in front of Spoden’s Arlington townhouse in a tuxedo like a carnival barker, welcoming guests, and guiding them to the bars, stocked with Real Housewinos, where they could fill out feedback surveys. Seriously.

And the Washington Post announced that Tareq Salahi has made it official with his business partner and financial backer Lisa Spoden, whose names were captured in an ice sculpture to mark the occasion, complete with Real Housewinos. Spoden says that she and Salahi are a perfect match in love and business. The couple got engaged in November, and married in January.

Salahi and Spoden married aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line headed for the British Virgin Islands, and are partners in the celebrity cruise venture that will pair with their mutual love and aspiration to get back into the reality television game. Perhaps the Salahi-Spodens will be back to a small screen near you?

Do you think that former cast member of Real Housewives of DC Tareq Salahi will make it back to reality television?

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