Kelly Osborne Says Her Parents Are Together, Sharon Forgives Ozzy

Kelly Osborne says her parents, Ozzy and Sharon, are still together. In May, Sharon Osborne announced a split, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, saying first that she had kicked her husband of 33 years out of their Beverly Hills mansion, then later amended it by saying Ozzy was back in their home and she was staying elsewhere. Reports had run rampant that Ozzy, 67, had been unfaithful with a hair stylist that not only had he himself frequented, but also Sharon and Kelly and other celebrities. Fans of the Black Sabbath front man were disappointed in his behavior, and fans of The Talk host Sharon were enraged and came out in strong defense of her.

The couple’s 31-year-old daughter, however, may have some good news. Kelly Osborne told Entertainment Tonight that her parents were still together. According to a report from Fox News, Kelly told reporters that her parents are together and that her family is intact.

“My mum and dad are together right now. No woman with a neck like a c*** is going to ruin my family.”

She went on to say that she’ll remain close to her father, in spite of what some critics might say. Kelly Osborne has come across as fiercely protective of her family unit since the breakup, even striking out against her father’s alleged mistress, Michelle Pugh, 45, at times. Shortly after the initial news of the infidelity and breakup surfaced, Kelly came out strong against Pugh, even tweeting her name and phone number publicly. In her comments on Thursday, she didn’t hesitate to defend her relationship with her famous dad.

“I will never not be good with my dad. That does not mean that I think what he did wasn’t f****** stupid, but that’s between him and I. I’m a daddy’s girl. I love my dad.”

Ozzy and Sharon Osborne
Ozzy embraces Sharon at an Ozzfest press release. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
Up until last weekend, it wasn’t clear whether the couple were back together or were even in close contact. Then, last weekend, Sharon, 63, was pictured backstage, smiling as she watched Black Sabbath performing at the Download Festival in Leicestershire.

Back on May 12, Mrs. Osborne stepped on stage at the Palladium in Los Angeles for a press conference. The purpose of the press release was to announce the merging together of two heavy metal music festivals, Ozzfest and Slipknot’s Knotfest. At the microphone, Sharon said she’d like to introduce some friends of hers and called out Ozzy’s name. When he took the stage and the two were standing together, he gave her a quick hug that she at first didn’t appear to return. At the time, fans were uncertain what to make of the appearance, unsure if it meant the two were back together, then reminding each other on social media that Sharon was still the manager for Black Sabbath and speculated that the moment might have been purely business.

One month prior to the event, Mrs. Osborne answered some tough questions from her co-hosts about the future of her marriage. A report from the Birmingham Mail in the U.K. mentioned comments Sharon made shortly after the split. She said she had “no idea” if she and Ozzy had a future together. When confronted with reports that her marriage of 33 years might be coming to an end, she admitted it was true that she had kicked Ozzy out of the house, and added that now “he’s back, and I’m out of the house.”

“I’m not with him but I speak to him, sure. I love Ozzy dearly. He’s given me an unbelievable life. He’s given me three gorgeous children.”

Sharon didn’t appear at all shy about addressing Ozzy’s issues with drug and alcohol addiction throughout their marriage, but she did deny that he was using drugs again. When her co-host, Julie Chen, asked if there was a chance the two would get back together and their marriage would continue, Sharon’s reply came across as thoughtful and sincere.

“I honestly don’t know. I cannot answer that because I don’t know at this point what I want.”

In spite of Kelly’s continued foul-mouthed attacks on Michelle Pugh, and a few choice words meant for her father, she was all about love and solidarity together with her parents. For more about Kelly Osborne’s recent stance on solidarity, along with info on the tattoo she just received on her head with the word “solidarity,” see Inquisitr’s report of Kelly’s touching emotional response to the victims of the recent Orlando nightclub mass shooting.

Now fans of both wild rocker Ozzy and amiable talk show host and X-Factor judge Sharon can breathe a sigh of relief if they take the couple’s daughter’s words to heart. For now, Kelly Osborne insists her parents are still together and her family’s bond is too strong for her father’s alleged mistress to break apart.

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