Kylie Jenner Selling Calabasas ‘Starter’ Home

It seems like only yesterday that Kylie Jenner was proudly showing off her brand new Calabasas house to fans. The mansion in the exclusive California neighborhood was Kylie’s first house, and although she didn’t make the exciting purchase yesterday, it was only a year ago that the teenager became a homeowner. Kylie Jenner and Kardashian family members were super excited for the youngest of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan, and couldn’t wait to visit their little sister even though it was scary for Kylie to be growing up so fast.

Jenner’s net worth at the tender age of 17 years was impressive enough to let her drop $2.7 million on the ” not-so-humble abode she called home” for a few months. TMZ reports that after the purchase, Kylie spent a whole lot more making the inside and outside perfect for her taste as she “completely revamped” the decor and landscaping.

After all that work, you’d think Kylie would want to stay in her house, but it looks like the youngest of Kris Jenner’s children has a lot of of mom’s business sense. It’s “unclear how much she put in” when carrying out the remodeling and renovations on the 4800 square foot “crib,” but the listing price on the magnificent mansion is “a hefty upgrade” over the buying price Kylie paid a year ago. She’s asking almost $4 million now, and has every reason to expect she’ll get her price.

The five-bedroom house has a lot of cool amenities, including a pool that became almost as famous as Kylie herself when she posted photos of herself in a revealing bikini, enjoying the water.

Aside from the gorgeous pool, the house has five bedrooms, tons of closet space, and a “massive” backyard dining table so that Kylie can have her friends over for pool parties and dinner.

According to gossip site Perez Hilton, no one is sure what Jenner has “actually done on the place,” but that didn’t stop her from going for top price now that the KUWTK star has decided to start “movin’ on up” to live full-time in her newer and better $6 million home closer to momager Kris and big sister Kim Kardashian.

Not everyone is happy with Kylie’s latest purchase. Some fans compare themselves to the Jenners and don’t like the result.

One Twitter user wrote that he was tired of people idolizing Kylie and other rich teens since she was born into a wealthy family.

One reason Kylie might have decided to sell the house could be the frightening fire that tore through Calabasas and burned up 500 acres. Hollywood Life reports that Kylie was afraid she might have to evacuate, but sister Khloe responded saying the fire was closer to her house than to Kylie’s.

Both Kylie’s enormous houses are in Calabasas, but the responsibility for two mansions might have suddenly become too much for the teenager after her scary fire experience. Another reason of course is that now Kylie lives even closer to Kris. As a 17-year-old, Kylie wanted her independence, but the last year has been tough for her, including her big breakup with Tyga. Now at nearly 19, it could be that Kylie is ready for more time with mom.

Whatever the reason, it’s great news for Kylie that she’s been able to buy another new house at only 18 years old, and that she will be able to sell her first house at such a big profit. Jenner’s business sense has served her well!

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for GQ Magazine]

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