‘The 100’ Season 4: Will Clarke Move On From Lexa With Bellamy? [Video]

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

There are a few Bellarke shippers out there for The 100 who want to see Clarke and Bellamy together, and it’s a ship that has been around since Season 1. Lexa’s death has brought the chance for it to happen in Season 4, but will it ever become a canon relationship?

Clarke is really still going to be grieving at the start of The 100 Season 4. She had to say goodbye to Lexa again, after seeing her in the City of Light. It was heartbreaking for her losing her love, and arguably her first real love despite losing Finn in Season 2. The idea of her moving on any time soon is unlikely, unless the writers want to make her storyline too unbelievable.

Bellamy will also have things to take care of. Right now, his focus will be on repairing his relationship with his sister and some of the Grounders. He had turned against them to follow Pike in The 100 Season 3, making some terrible decisions along the way. Octavia made it clear that Bellamy was dead to her after Lincoln’s death, and it looks like she isn’t ready to forgive him yet.

It’s not going to be easy for Octavia to completely turn her back on her brother, as the Inquisitr has previously reported. This is someone who has looked out for her for years, and he still wants the best for her. The problem is he wants to constantly shield her and it makes it look like he doesn’t believe in her.

Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke, has discussed whether her character will fall in love with Bellamy any time soon. She doesn’t think it will happen at all on The 100. Lexa’s death was too sudden, and possibly one that she will never be able to get over. Bellamy would have to do something special to help her move on from this. Chances are that she may move on, but will never love someone again as much as she loved Lexa.

Taylor also admitted during her time at Oz Comic Con that she doesn’t think it would be something The 100 fans would want to see. There was a major campaign after Lexa’s death, with LGBT fans angry at the way the character was treated. It led to the Lexa Pledge, with many writers and producers agreeing to treat LGBT characters more fairly.

For Bellarke to ever happen, fans will need to give the character some time to move on, according to Ecumenical News. This is just not the right time for either of them to fall in love. There are even some fans who don’t want to see it happen at all, because Clarke’s love for Lexa was so intense.

It also makes sense for The 100 to have a platonic relationship. Not all male and female friendships have to turn into love, and it would be something different to see Clarke and Bellamy get back the friendship that they once had and keep it at that level. The Vampire Diaries is one of the only shows that has something similar with the Bonnie and Damon friendship. Nobody else from The 100 has commented on the idea of Bellarke becoming canon, whether in Season 4 or at any other point in the show.

While The 100 Season 4 has been confirmed, the premiere date has not yet been released. It is not coming back until the winter break of the fall shows, which have all recently been given premiere dates, as the Inquisitr reports. Time will tell whether Clarke is able to move on from Lexa’s death and find love with someone else in The 100 Season 4.

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