Demi Lovato, Bella Thorne Open Up About Their Acne Struggles

Demi Lovato and Bella Thorne share a lot in common. Both actresses are former Disney stars who have struggled with acne since their teens. It’s hard to believe that both of these beautiful starlets have struggles with zits like the rest us.

Demi Lovato, 23, launched her Devonne by Demi skincare line last year. Now, it’s even better since Lovato has added a product that will help keep your acne under control. The pop star took to Instagram to reveal that she’s adding an anti-zit treatment gel to her line.

Demi shared a clip of herself wearing her signature red lipstick and holding the product. “Meet the Acne Rescue Treatment, Devonne’s newest product,” she’s heard saying in the video below.

“I’ve been using it with every pimple and I think it might be my new favorite product,” Lovato said. “Give it a try; it’s now live on our site.”

The product is available in her “Clear Confidence Kit,” according to Twist magazine. The gel contains “naturally derived salicylic acid” that will help clear up zits and prevent future breakouts. The kit also includes a Deep Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Radiance Mist, and 3-in-1 Moisturizing Primer, all of which consumers can buy at

Last year, Demi revealed why she wanted to launch her own skincare line. She realized, at a young age, how important it is to have a skincare regimen.

“As I got older I started to really embrace taking care of my skin and that’s why I created my skincare line. I want men and women to feel confident when they take care of themselves. Your face is the first thing that people see when they see you so it’s great when you feel confident and it just shows.”

Demi Lovato also has incredible skin thanks to her esthetician, Renee Rouleau. In August 2015, Rouleau wrote a blog post that included some of Lovato’s nighttime skincare tips.

  1. Cleanse your skin nightly.
  2. Wash your skin earlier in the evening.
  3. Always use moisturizer at night.
  4. Use products with performance ingredients.
  5. Change your pillowcases frequently.
  6. Use baby wash cloths instead of regular wash cloths.
  7. Avoid applying eye cream too close to the lash line.
  8. Sleep with your head elevated.
  9. Avoid using greasy hand creams.
  10. Get your beauty sleep.

Bella Thorne, 18, is not shying away from her acne struggles. In fact, she thinks that her zits are “beautiful.” The Duff star reveals that she has been using the popular anti-acne medication Accutane for 2 years with the promise that she would never see another break out again – but it had the complete opposite effect.

“The [doctors] told me, ‘Nine out of 10 people never get one pimple again.’ So many things are bad for you, but when you have this thing on your face that feels like a monster… I was like, ‘OK, I’ll do it.'”

Instead, Thorne ditched the medication and started using an all-natural, plant-based treatment that’s free of dyes, detergents, and toxins. She noticed that her skin started clearing up, although she still gets a break out every now then. Thorne, who has partnered with Burt’s Bees for its #LoveYourNature campaign, says that she’s learned to embrace her skin as it is.

“I got this pimple the other day and I said to my sister, ‘Look at this! I have a press day coming up!’ And she said, ‘That’s a beautiful pimple, Bella. That is beautiful. Scars are beautiful.’ We both struggle with acne, but now, every time we get something on our face, we just say to each other, ‘That’s beautiful. I love my scars. I love my skin.’ You have to change your mind-set.”

Earlier this month, Bella took to Twitter to share with her fans what has also helped combat those pesky breakouts. Her doctor prescribed her a cream that she applies all over her face to kill the bacteria and prevent blemishes from appearing.

Of course, you should talk to your doctor about your acne before starting any skincare regimen.

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