Vanessa Marcil Teases Standing Invitation To Return To ‘General Hospital’ – Will She Be Back?

Vanessa Marcil hasn’t appeared on General Hospital in over 3 years, last reprising her role as Brenda Barrett for the iconic ABC soap’s 50th anniversary in April 2013. But, could another encore be in the works? In an interview with TV Line, Vanessa Marcil didn’t confirm that she’ll make a return to Port Charles in the near future, but she didn’t deny it either. However, Vanessa did reveal that she pretty much has a standing invitation from the powers-that-be at General Hospital if she ever wants to return.

“They’ve always made me feel super welcome and like it’s my home. I mean, they’re awesome,” Marcil said.

While Marcil stopped short on commenting if she’ll make a short-term return to the show, one thing that is for certain is she would never change any of her character’s storylines — even the most far-fetched scenes.

“I love all of it,” Vanessa said. “They say that for an actor, the thing that outrages you the most is the most fun thing to play because it’s stuff you would never do in your real life… I can do anything in stilettos even though I was probably crying. Except for when Brenda came back and she was stuck on, like, a yacht or something. She jumped off the yacht and swam to shore, and wore some stretchy pants, super-high spiked stilettos and a black jacket for like two months.”

Vanessa Marcil is also very protective of the character she originated back in 1992. Even though Brenda has been a series regular on-and-off for more than 20 years, Marcil has created her own personal stories of what the character has been doing during her down time.

“Because I’m a theater geek, Brenda for me is very real,” Marcil revealed. “When you play a role you’re supposed to create their past, so I can tell you every single thing that happened in Brenda’s life before you start seeing her on-screen — in high school when she was 17 and all that crap. And I can tell you every single thing that she’s done during all of the different time periods that she was gone, off camera. And I can tell you what she’s been doing since you last saw her on camera.”

Earlier this year, Vanessa Marcil caused a frenzy when she posted an Instagram picture of a Walt Disney Co. badge with her photo on it. Walt Disney owns ABC, the network that airs General Hospital, so fans were hoping it was some sort of clue that Vanessa will be coming back to reprise her role as Brenda. So far, there have been no Vanessa Marcil sightings on the GH set, but never say never when it comes to a returning soap opera character.

The last time viewers saw Vanessa’s character on General Hospital, it was for the 2013 guest appearance when she was honoring her pal Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough) at the Nurses’ Ball. Marcil’s Brenda character hasn’t been a General Hospital regular for nearly 5 years, but in a previous interview with TV Guide, Vanessa said she thinks it’s important to remember where she came from.

“I just couldn’t feel any more grateful that I’m still allowed to visit such a great place,” Vanessa said. “I love that Julianne Moore went back to As the World Turns to honor where she came from. It’s important to do that. I left GH for a few different reasons, but it was never because I wasn’t madly in love with the show and the character and with daytime.”

No matter what happens, General Hospital and Brenda Barrett will always hold a special place in Vanessa Marcil’s heart.

“I’ve had many other experiences that were important to me as an actor but nothing has been better than GH,” Vanessa said. “Nothing has even come close. Playing Brenda is such a personal and intense experience that — at the risk of sounding silly and melodramatic — I think I was born to play her. I’m certainly living my dream when I do!”

Take a look at the video below for more on Vanessa Marcil and General Hospital.

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