‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10 The End For Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki?

Are Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki leaving after the end of The Big Bang Theory Season 10? There are no confirmations yet, but the contracts for both come up at the end. The contracts for others also come up after this season, along with a potential cancellation from the network.

CBS will need to consider whether to take the show on for another season after this year. It had been renewed up to Season 10, but there was no confirmation about afterward. Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj on The Big BangTheory, has said the show will take a break after this season and will move on after that. Will that be with a different cast?

It is possible that the fee for the main characters is the reason CBS is considering canceling it. Cuoco, Galecki, and Jim Parsons all earn $1 million per episode, negotiated when their last contracts came up for renewals. The others all gained a pay rise, but nothing like these three. The three play Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon respectively on the show. Without them, people may not tune in to find out what is going on with the others. This was the reasons ABC ended Friends back in 2004 when all six stars were earning $1 million per episode.

TBBT Season 9 has focused on Penny’s job and career choices this year. She admitted that while she hated her job, she would stick with it because she had debts that she needed to clear. This was after finding out that Leonard had a separate bank account knowing that his wife is bad with money. The season ended with her still working as a sales rep, earning far more money than her husband. She also sought approval from her mother-in-law, agreeing to do another wedding ceremony, so Mrs. Hoffsteder could be there to witness it.

There are rumors that The Big Bang Theory Season 10 will show Penny and Leonard’s marriage coming to an end. The season will also show more of Penny’s family, including her mother who is reportedly being played by Friends star Lisa Kudrow, according to Movie News Guide.

Despite the rumors that Cuoco and Galecki are leaving, Cuoco has said that she loves the show and is far too invested in it. She doesn’t want it to come to an end, and that suggests she isn’t leaving, either.

Master Herald reports that the show is not likely to go anywhere after Season 10, if Galecki and Parsons get their way. They want it to continue, as do many of the other cast members. There are problems with keeping it fresh, though. One of the ways to do that would be to introduce the new baby that Bernadette is currently carrying. There were suggestions that the baby wouldn’t be born until the very end, keeping it out of the storyline and not making it too difficult for storylines. Showrunner Steve Molaro wants to keep the baby storyline slow.

None of the actors currently know what will happen to The Big Bang Theory after Season 10. If it does continue, there are actors’ contracts to work out, including two of the bigger stars. These contract negotiations are likely to take place while the show is off the air, giving everyone chance to get something that they want. The amount CBS pays the actors is not definitely an end to the show. After all, the costs to make the show and the revenue gained is very different to that of Friends over 10 years ago. There is still hope for The Big Bang Theory fans.

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