AR-15 Assault Rifle Free With Every Car Under ‘Buy A Car, Get An AR’ Offer — Used Car Dealership Offering Lethal Firearms As Incentive

A used car dealership is currently offering an AR-15 assault rifle for free with every car that is purchased there. The dealership, located in New Hampshire, is unfazed by the controversy surrounding the lethal firearm that has been part of numerous mass murders in the United States.

“Buy a Car, Get an AR” is the ongoing offer at Hagan’s Motor Pool in Rochester, New Hampshire. People who buy select used vehicles are entitled to a free AR-15 assault rifle, reads the ad campaign that has been making the rounds on the Internet after it was launched by the dealership in May.

“Need a car? Want a free AR-15 also? Get both at Hagan’s”

The company further appealed to people to promote the campaign, brazenly specifying Facebook would not permit such advertising. The dealership’s tagline for the campaign reads: “Make America Armed Again.”

The ad campaign was launched last month, but it didn’t make headlines for its apparent lack of sensitivity. However, quite a few people who visited the car dealership’s Facebook page applauded the company’s attempts at upholding the Second Amendment, and promoting the possession of weapons for self-defense purposes.

However, according to the Hagan’s own admission, many condemned the campaign, and asked the owner to cease the promotions. Those who against the campaign said it promoted gun sales, making the situation even more dangerous than it already is.

The campaign drew widespread attention, as well as criticism, after the deadly Orlando nightclub shooting. Incidentally, the gunman who killed 49 innocent people at a club that was frequented by members of the LGBT community used the exact same assault rifle that the dealership is offering as an incentive to purchase a used vehicle. Needless to say, the campaign has drawn a lot of criticism, but the used car dealer continues to sell a number of vehicles with the AR-15 bundle and seems unfazed by criticism, reports Tech Times.

The car dealership insists that it won’t simply hand over an AR-15 assault rifle or a 9 mm handgun, an option for buyers who don’t want the rifle, to anyone who purchases a used vehicle. Moreover, the dealership has made it amply clear that no guns are stored, displayed, or sold at the dealership.

Hagan has partnered with a nearby gun store, reports NH1-TV. It will be the gun store’s responsibility to undertake all the necessary procedures, like paperwork, as well as the mandatory background checks, before the owner of the used car is also the owner of a new firearm.

It appears the car dealership will merely offer a coupon for the weapon, which the buyer will have to redeem at the gun store. Nonetheless, a car bundled with a free assault rifle is an oddity. Many claim the owner is merely exploiting the publicity garnered by the firearm in recent times to sell used vehicles. The promotional offer is valid until August 31, reports Boston Globe.

Besides the Orlando shooting incident, the majority of the mass murders that have happened in the last few years, involve the use of AR-15 assault rifles, among other deadly weapons, reports The Guardian. Incidentally, investigators now claim the gunman involved in the Orlando shooting did not use an AR-15 assault rifle. The attacker, who had pledged his allegiance to the terror group ISIS shortly before the deadly attack, is said to have used a Sig Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle.

Despite the criticism, Hagan’s insists the car dealership has received a lot of “positive feedback.” The dealership insists the campaign simply “caters to one’s right to defend themselves.” Incidentally, the owner, Mike Hagan, has served as a combat medic in Afghanistan.

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