WWE News: Could Sasha Banks’ Frustrations With Creative Lead Her Into The New Day?

There’s a glaring omission of a bank statement missing from this Sunday’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view in the form of Sasha Banks. Based on the marquee alone, it’d seem appropriate that the WWE powers-that-be find a way to get Sasha on the show; but, alas, The Boss will miss her third consecutive WWE Network event in the aftermath of WrestleMania. A WrestleMania, mind you, that featured one of the most highly-anticipated WWE Women’s Championship matches in recent memory, and one that Banks was heavily featured in.

Granted, a freak injury is partially the reason Sasha has been kept off television in the ensuing months. A referee’s knee banged into Banks’ head, giving her a concussion, and the injury took her out of the ring for the better part of a month. At the time, reports surfaced that Vince McMahon was souring on one of the most popular female stars in a long time due to her in-ring style. Vince felt Sasha only had one speed, and that was all-out. He feared her career would be cut short because of it, much like with what happened to Daniel Bryan.

sasha banks frustrated with creative
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Once Sasha Banks was cleared for a return to compete, plans had her facing Summer Rae in a television feud, but it’s never gotten as far as RAW or Smackdown. Rather, the “program” has been relegated to Main Event, Superstars, and the house show tour. Meanwhile, Charlotte continues to establish her run at the top of the women’s division with the main angle culminating in a tag match between the champ and Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch and Natalya at Money In The Bank. To WWE’s credit, there were plans to go with two women’s programs over the last two months, but an injury to Emma forced them to audible and condense anything significant into one, but Sasha Banks was not included in either.

And now, according to a report from Ringside News, Sasha might have let her frustrations go public, if reblogging fans comments on Tumblr were any indication. Sasha re-posted a couple of Tumblr entries that could indicate that Sasha either feels the same way, or is at the very least, pushing for more exposure to the division as a whole. After making a concerted effort to push a Divas Revolution, followed by a complete re-branding of that portion of the roster, WWE seems to have pumped the brakes on what they originally promised last summer.

Whether WWE creative still moves forward with a Charlotte-Sasha Banks championship feud for SummerSlam remains to be seen. But if Banks isn’t at the top of the division’s priority list any more, there may be another option where The Boss could shine. Could it even be a possibility for Sasha to join-up with her real-life friends Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods in The New Day? RingsideNews reports that Big E would be all for the move for the group to expand, with Sasha at the top of their wish list.

“We talked about this for quite some time, especially earlier, and we always saw New Day as a faction that would expand and be larger than three members. Now, though, it seems like such a perfect fit with us three. But if we had to, we’re all such big Sasha Banks fans—I think she would add a different dynamic, though she’s such a strong, beloved character that I don’t think she needs to be surrounded by anyone. But if we were forced to pick someone, it would be Sasha Banks.”

sasha banks and the new day
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It’s interesting to get a peek into Big E’s mindset about the idea of The New Day expanding. Their three-man act has worked on both sides of the fence, and adding Sasha Banks would certainly create an entirely different dynamic. At this point, people just want to see her on their televisions again.

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