Selena Gomez Fuels Zendaya Copycat Rumors With Louis Vuitton Campaign

Selena Gomez hasn’t emerged from Beyoncé copycat rumors, yet, and now she’s landed into another alleged copycat rumor. Selena has posted some pictures of her Louis Vuitton campaign on her Instagram, and several fans have recognized at once that she seems to be copying Zendaya. Zendaya also endorses Louis Vuitton, and the outfit that both artists have been spotted wearing is one and the same.

And the fans jumped to comparisons instantly.

“Love you Selena but [Zendaya] wore this the best,” said another.

Do you think Selena Gomez is out to copy anyone? The Inquisitr had reported that Selena Gomez was hit by copycat allegations when she wore the same bodysuit as Beyoncé, and it seemed like Chris Rock agreed to the allegations. He called Selena the “poor man’s Beyoncé.” He made a rather nasty comment by saying, “When you buy your formation tickets on Craigslist.” And her followers were quick to it point out, as well.

“Amazing tho but why can’t I help thinking she copied bèyonce???????? [sic]” a follower commented.

“Beyonce type clothing,” said one.

“There is a resemblance????” said another.

“Yeah and the clothes…there just like bèyonce’s, [sic]” said one more follower.

Do the bodysuits that Selena Gomez wore for her Revival Tour look similar to those worn by Beyoncé? There were several Selena Gomez fans who did not think she was trying to copy Beyoncé and they criticized Chris Rock instead.

A fan said, “she isn’t trying to be Beyoncé. It’s an outfit…you’re attacking a 23-year-old…this is why Kevin Hart ended you.”

It looks like the fans are not going to take the criticism lightly.

While there is a debate on whether Selena Gomez really has copied Beyoncé’s style, one can’t ignore the similarity in their outfits.

Keeping the allegations aside, Selena has also made waves because of her own style. During her Revival Tour, she was seen wearing a pink slip dress that made waves on the Internet. The star posted pictures of herself relaxing on a roof top, eating s’mores, and it looked like everyone liked that dress a lot, the Inquisitr had reported.

So, it’s not like Selena Gomez doesn’t like to stick to her style. She loves to sport casual chic most of the time, but what girl doesn’t like to dress up once in a while?

However, when Selena Gomez is on a tour, it’s not all fun and games. Selena Gomez is very particular about her diet and exercise. Inquisitr had quoted Yahoo! News as saying that Selena Gomez takes care of her body; after all, it does take a lot of work to fit in those bodysuits.

“I’ve never really had a personal trainer, but I started working with Amy [Rosoff Davis] last year. She’s incredible. I met her at Ballet Bodies in L.A., and we have a really fun friendship,” Selena explained. “At the moment, I’m training every day to build my stamina up for the tour. But don’t get me wrong — it was not like this before the tour.”

And, like everyone else, Selena Gomez gets bored with working out too. That’s why she loves to keep her exercise routine varied. “Basically, I wanted to mix things up because I get bored easily. I just try to keep it fresh,” she said. “I love how Pilates makes me feel like it opens me up.”

Selena Gomez has also said that she likes to do a lot of breathing exercises “because it’s peaceful and it helps me relax. And I’m doing two shows back to back, and that’s cardio in itself.”

Do you think Selena Gomez is copying Zendaya’s style? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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