James Middleton Chooses Donna Air Over Boomf Hong Kong Expansion?

James Middleton and Donna Air decided to put their relationship on hold as he was looking to expand his business, Boomf, overseas. However, Kate’s brother has not yet left for East Asia and instead has been caught on a pleasant family date with Donna Air and her daughter Freya.

“They’ve been plagued by rumours that their relationship has hit a rough patch, but James Middleton and Donna Air seemed closer than ever as they enjoyed an intimate dinner in London last week,” reports Daily Mail. “The pair, who have been dating since 2013, joined friends and family – including Donna’s daughter Freya, 12 – at trendy 34 Restaurant in Mayfair. Donna, 36, could hardly keep the smile from her face as she left the establishment after the meal and while the pair weren’t holding hands, they kept each other close at all times.”

As he is nearing 30, James Middleton may be thinking that his relationships are more important to him than any business endeavors. Seeing how Donna is seven years older than him, he might be thinking about the possibility of kids before she gets too old.

That sentiment definitely showed later in the evening when James and Donna ended the night with some PDA.

“The group got into a private car that was waiting for them outside, before James and Donna dropped Freya home and headed off to a private residence in Chelsea where they were spotted enjoying a tender embrace on the doorstep,” reports Daily Mail.

This is their first appearance together since early April, when they announced that they will be taking a break in their relationship for him to pursue Boomf in Hong Kong.

“The on-off romance between James Middleton and TV presenter Donna Air takes yet another intriguing twist,” reports Daily Mail. “The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother said last month the pair were taking a ‘relationship sabbatical’ because he was moving to Hong Kong for three months to expand Boomf, his marshmallow business. A month after the planned departure date, I learn James has only travelled as far east as Boomf’s new offices in London’s trendy Clerkenwell.”

But James has remained solidly in London, and a Hong Kong expansion still remains theoretical.

But that does not mean that his marshmallow business is getting better. Towards the end of last year, the word got out that Boomf was not doing so hot financially and that he had to raise funds to get it out of the red.

“Many feared James Middleton had bitten off more than he could chew when his marshmallow business racked up a £250k loss,” reported Daily Mail. “Luckily, the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger brother has pals with deep pockets and an appetite for risk. The serial cake entrepreneur has raised £800,000 from ‘friends of friends’ to bail out his Boomf enterprise.”

His business has not gotten a full royal support as it edged towards issues that are more controversial.

“The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother has raised eyebrows after urging customers to use his personalised marshmallow company to come out as gay. In a promotional video for his business Boomf, James Middleton says his sweets are the perfect way to break the news to friends and family,” according to Daily Mail.

Either way, it looks like Boomf has not gotten in the way of his relationship with Donna Air, who seemed to have accepted James coming back to her after deciding not to move to Hong Kong just yet.

Do you think James Middleton delayed Boomf expansion to continue his relationship with Donna Air?

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