Anna Duggar Divorce: As New Molestation Victim Comes Forward Against Josh, Tension In Couple’s Marriage Remains High

Anna Duggar is once again facing divorce rumors after allegations that husband Josh may be breaking the strict rules of his post-sex rehab plan and a new victim of his decade-old molestation scandal has come forward.

Josh left last year for a months-long visit to an intensive rehab center after he admitted to an addiction to pornography. The eldest male Duggar child was revealed to be a member of the site Ashley Madison, a dating service that caters to people seeking affairs, and two women came forward to claim that Josh had sex with them.

One of the rules of his rehab was that Josh Duggar would give up all access to the internet and cell phones, but In Touch reported that he may be bending that rule.

“It’s not a smartphone. He isn’t allowed to have one of those,” a source close to the Duggars told the magazine. “He has a little phone with a tiny screen and he can’t send or receive picture messages on it.”

There are signs that tension between Josh and Anna Duggar remain high. The report noted that the couple had a difficult trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last month when Anna’s grandmother died that revealed some lingering angry feelings among Anna’s family members.

“He tried to talk to Anna’s sister Susanna, saying he was sorry he hadn’t talked to her since everything happened, and it got really awkward,” the source said. “She stopped him and said, ‘You don’t have to apologize to me. If you’d had an affair on me, we wouldn’t be married anymore.’ ”

There was even more tension with Anna’s brother, Daniel. He was the one who publicly called Josh a “pig” last year, and reportedly still harbors the same animosity.

“Josh tried to sit next to Daniel at a restaurant,” the source revealed, “and Daniel got up and moved to another table.”

And the tension between Anna and Josh Duggar could still be getting worse. This week, there were reports that a new young woman came forward to claim that Josh had molested her years ago. The revelation that Josh molested a number of young girls when he was a teenager — including his own sisters — was what kicked off his months of scandals last year, and apparently the issue won’t be going away anytime soon.

The new girl, who was reportedly known to the Duggar family personally, reportedly reached out to them in recent weeks.

“After last year’s revelations about Josh’s molestation scandal, word got around that there was another girl who said she’d been abused by Josh when she was a teenager,” a source told In Touch magazine.

While Anna Duggar has publicly stood by Josh and put off questions of whether she might divorce him, there have reportedly been some close family and friends pleading with her to leave the marriage.

The two have reportedly entered couples therapy, but it may not be enough to save their marriage, a source told Hollywood Life.

“Anna is still troubled by Josh’s actions,” the source says. “She needs lots of professional help to go along with all the praying she has been doing in order to keep her family together.”

“Anna is afraid of what Josh could do next,” continues the source. “Josh being back home doesn’t mean Anna is going to stay with him. The therapist is helping them figure out, can their marriage be saved?”

But the source added that the couple has been praying a lot about their marriage troubles, and it could be her strong faith that ultimately leads Anna Duggar away from divorce.

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