Bindi Irwin Looks Different In Grown-Up Selfie, Reveals She’s Entered ‘Rebellious Years’

Bindi Irwin must have learned a thing or two about professional makeup while competing on Dancing with the Stars. The wonder from Down Under recently shared a close-up selfie of her face, and she’s rocking a beauty look that Kylie Jenner would definitely approve of.

Entertainment Tonight proclaims that Bindi Irwin looks “unrecognizable” in the selfie in question. In the photo below, the 17-year-old daughter of the late Steve Irwin pays homage to a friend named Thelma by wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with her pal’s name. However, Bindi’s on-point makeup is the real focal point of the picture. The doe-eyed Dancing with the Stars champ is rocking a pale pink lip and dark eye makeup, and the Aussie’s eyelashes look longer and fuller than the fuzzy hair on a koala bear’s ears.

“In consideration of Thelma and Louise and my friend who I’ve loved my whole life, Thelma,” Bindi captioned the selfie. “This shirt is for you.”

Perhaps watching Thelma and Louise is what inspired Bindi Irwin to be “rebellious” in another selfie. However, as E! News reports, Bindi’s idea of misbehaving doesn’t involve picking up a hitchhiking Brad Pitt or robbing a convenience store. When the wildlife lover wants to take a walk on the wild side, she simply steps behind a “do not enter sign.”

But who needs to drive a convertible into the Grand Canyon to get a rush when you’re handling dangerous-looking creatures that many teenagers would be terrified to touch? In her most recent selfie, Bindi Irwin enlists a black-headed python to help her model off a T-shirt she has designed for Wildlife Warriors, her family’s conservation organization. As evidenced by the photos above, Bindi is a big fan of black clothing, so it’s not surprising that she chose the color for her limited-edition tee.

“The Earth is art in motion,” Bindi’s shirt reads.

Bindi Irwin used Dancing with the Stars as a platform to talk about her passion for wildlife conversation, and her positive attitude and infectious smile made her a Season 21 fan favorite. Derek Hough had her dancing like a pro by the end of the show, and the couple waltzed away with the Mirrorball Trophy.

Bindi returned to the Dancing with the Stars ballroom a few times during Season 22, and it seems as though fans of the show really missed her. During one of her visits, she joined Tom Bergeron as a co-host. All Bindi did was take the show to commercial break by reading Tom’s lines on the teleprompter, but her enthusiasm completely charmed viewers. According to the Daily Mail, some of Bindi’s adoring fans took to social media to say that they would love to see her replace Erin Andrews as Tom’s Dancing with the Stars co-host.

Luckily for Erin Andrews, her job is likely safe; Bindi Irwin seems happy to be back home at the Australia Zoo, and the stardom she found in the states hasn’t had a huge effect on how she lives her life. According to Entertainment Tonight, Bindi is taking college courses and recently got her driver’s license.

“It was a little intimidating for the driving instructor because I was in my dad’s old ute — it’s this giant beast of a truck and it’s a manual and it’s really old, so he was a bit nervous as he got into this [utility vehicle],” Bindi said.

Bindi is also still dating her boyfriend of three years, American wakeboarder Chandler Powell.

“I think what’s really wonderful about Chandler is that no matter what is happening, he’s always there for me and he always makes me smile and laugh and it’s brilliant to have someone so kind who really understands your world,” Bindi gushed of her guy.

As you can see, Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin both love nature almost as much as they love each other.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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