‘The Conjuring 2’ Kills Man With Heart Attack, Body Now Missing [Video]

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist seems to be having a more profound impact on audiences around the world than originally anticipated. There has already been a reporting about a man who was watching the “true horror” film and then had a heart attack and died. But the story gets even worse when the body turns up missing.

Of course, there is always a logical explanation for things like these, but the incident has still occurred and seems to stem as a direct result of watching The Conjuring 2. The movie itself is said to be a true story from the accounts that were documented by Ed and Lorraine Warren in the 1970s.

The basic story here is that a man, who was 65 years old and already a likely candidate for a heart attack based on his age, was watching The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist with a friend when he started complaining of chest pains, as reported by the U.K. publication Daily Mail. The man then fainted and his friend rushed him to a hospital in India’s southern district.

While at the Old Government Hospital, the man was presumably pronounced dead by the Indian staff, following his attendance at The Conjuring 2 film at a local theater. But what is unusual about the situation is that his friend was then told that he was to take his dead body to the Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital for a “post-mortem,” which is presumably for an autopsy or death processing. Although, this could indeed be the standard practice in India.

But the dead man never made it to the medical college for post-mortem processing and he is now missing, along with his friend who was supposed to be taking care of the deceased.

One thing that The Conjuring 2 is counting on is for its audience to really believe that the events portrayed in the film really happened. But many have classified the whole ordeal as a scam that played out in the 1970s by the people involved in the Enfield incident.

Although no one can know for sure whether or not the events portrayed in The Conjuring 2 actually happened, that is a major marketing ploy for the film. The producers of the film have really cashed in on the whole “true horror” concept that has led it to such a massive box-office victory ever since it premiered last Friday.

There have also been other media reports that The Conjuring 2 has had some extravagant effects on viewers around the globe, but none of them have really been substantiated yet.

Media reports like this are also used as a propulsion device to drum up more interest in a major horror film, which can be clearly seen when The Exorcist made its debut in theaters way back in 1973.

Even though The Conjuring 2 seems to have contributed to the man’s heart attack in India, there is no reason to believe that he was possessed by an evil entity or that some ominous presence came and kidnapped the man and his friend. It just appears to be coincidental, in some way, that the incident occurred after a screening of The Conjuring 2.

The heart attack victim was also said to be staying at a spiritual residence in India, which could also further the wild speculation of rumors about The Conjuring 2 having some sort of ominous power over the victim. But again, the incident appears to be nothing but a pure coincidence.

The Conjuring 2 takes place in 1977 and follows the Warrens as they investigate an evil presence that plagues a family in Enfield, England. There is no evidence that the events in the film actually took place, with the exception of the Warrens’ written accounts of the incident.

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