Gwen Stefani Prepares For Blake Shelton’s Birthday, Admits She’s Still Devastated Over Divorce From Gavin Rossdale

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton might be one of Hollywood’s happiest couples, and they’re getting ready to have a blast together at Blake’s upcoming 40th birthday bash. However, Gwen recently admitted that she’s still in a pretty dark place following her divorce from Gavin Rossdale.

On numerous occasions, Gwen Stefani has said that Blake turned a terrible time in her life into a happy one, but her new romance is bittersweet; it’s hard to leave 13 years of marriage behind without looking back, especially when three kids are involved. It also hasn’t helped that Gwen’s divorce became a huge tabloid story due to reports that Gavin Rossdale cheated on her with one of their children’s caretakers. Last November, a source told Us Weekly that Gavin had engaged in a three-year-long affair with a nanny named Mindy Mann.

During her upcoming This Is What the Truth Feels Like Tour, Gwen Stefani will relive the demise of her marriage over and over again when she performs the songs that she wrote about it. Rolling Stone asked her what it will be like to “revisit the heartbreak,” and Gwen responded by explaining why moving on has been so difficult for her.

“I’m not in a different place yet. I’m still heartbroken,” Gwen said.

“You can’t have your family break up and still not be going through it a year later. I was just cleaning out a room in my house before I called you. It’s devastating.”

Gwen Stefani And Ex Gavin Rossdale
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale in 2001 (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images).

During a November, 2015, interview with 94.7 Fresh FM’s The Tommy Show, Gwen revealed that some of her older songs about her relationship with Gavin Rossdale make her feel “sick.”

“You look at the song and you go, ‘That was a red flag. That was a moment where I was feeling just as bad as I feel today and why did I keep it up?'” Gwen said.

Gwen Stefani’s sadness over her divorce shouldn’t be seen as a sign that she loves Blake Shelton any less; she’s just struggling to adjust to a life that she never thought she’d be living. This includes sharing joint custody of her boys — 10-year-old Kingston, 7-year-old Zuma, and 2-year-old Apollo — with her ex-husband. During her lengthy sit-down with the New York Times, Gwen said that it’s “unjust” and “unbelievable” that she only gets her sons 50 percent of the time, but she tried to make the best of the upsetting situation by working on her new album whenever she was forced to spend time away from her boys.

Luckily, Gwen Stefani also had Blake Shelton to turn to whenever her boys’ absence was making her feel lonely. He was going through his divorce from Miranda Lambert at the same time Gwen was trying to pick of the pieces and put her life back together, and they helped mend each other’s broken hearts. During an interview with USA Today, Gwen went so far as to say that Blake “saved” her. Blake Shelton returned their sentiment during a CMT interview.

“Gwen saved my life last year. She did,” Shelton said, according to E! News. “I think she’d tell you something similar about me.”

Gwen Stefani might also save Blake Shelton from singing the old man blues tomorrow when he turns the big 4-0. The Daily Mail reports that Gwen was spotted purchasing party supplies in West Hollywood on Thursday, so she’s likely preparing for Blake’s birthday. Photos show Gwen leaving a party supply store with what appears to be a grass table skirt and other tropical decorations, so perhaps she has planned a luau-themed 40th birthday bash for her beau.

Blake’s birthday falls almost three weeks after that of Gwen Stefani’s oldest son. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Blake helped Kingston celebrate his 10th birthday by letting him drive a buggy on his Oklahoma property and taking the lucky little boy on a helicopter ride to watch his performance ahead of the Indianapolis 500.

Stay tuned to find out if Gwen Stefani’s birthday party for Blake Shelton is just as exciting and fun.

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