Rubén Aguirre Died At Age 82 After Being Hospitalized For Pneumonia

According to Latin Times, Rubén Aguirre, who was known for playing the role of Professor Jirafales in El Chavo del 8, has passed away at the age of 82. Rubén Aguirre’s dear friend, Edgar Vivar, who played Señor Barriga in in El Chavo del 8, took to Twitter to confirm that Aguirre had passed away in a very sentimental post.

“My favorite professor rests in peace now,” Vivar wrote. “Today my good friend Rubén Aguirre left this earth. I will miss you very much.”

El Tiempo, reported that earlier in June of this year Consuelo de los Reyes, Rubén Aguirre’s husband, had mentioned that her husband was in serious condition in regards to his health on a television show.

“From one day to another he lost all his strength and now he’s not moving. He can’t even roll on the bed and is not talking as much. Diabetes has him like that.”

His wife, Consuelo de los Reyes, shared how weak her husband was getting as a result of his diabetes. It was, however, not diabetes, but complications with pneumonia that Rubén Aguirre died from. The Latin Times reported that the actor’s daughter, Verónica Aguirre, confirmed that her father died from complications of pneumonia. She went on to reveal that Aguirre had been hospitalized during a long portion of the month of May, but he was released on June 7 of this month in order to rest at his home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. According to his daughter and Latin Times, it was at Rubén Aguirre’s home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that he took his last breath.

Rubén Aguirre was born in Saltillo, Coahuila, on June 15, 1934. He launched his acting career in Monterrey. At the time, he was working for Pipo, the famous clown. Aguirre then ventured to Mexico City where he started to work for a national television network called Televisión Independiente de Mexico that was in business until the year 1973.

After the year 1973, Televisión Independiente de Mexico merged with Telesistema Mexicano and formed Televisa. Aguirre was responsible for overseeing a number of different television scripts in order to see which ones were likely to make for a good television show. This was what ultimately allowed Rubén Aguirre to meet Roberto Gómez Bolaños, known as Chespirito, who is known for being the mastermind who created El Chavo del 8 and El Chapulín Colorado.

According to Latin Times, Chespirito that Rubén Aguirre had a fairly tall and skinny figure. So, he asked him if he would play the role of Professor Jirafales on a show he was developing called El Chavo del 8. The name. The name “Jirafales” came from from “jirafa,” which translates to mean “giraffe.”

After he finished with El Chavo del 8, Rubén Aguirre moved to Argentina. From there, he continued to use the name Professor Jirafales and opened a circus. In 2003, Aguirre returned to Mexico and began to work as an announcer for sports games.

Some of the quotes fans of Rubén Aguirre, Professor Jirafales, El Chavo del 8 will always remember this dearly departed actor, by, include the following.

  1. “¡Ta, ta, ta, taaaa… ta!” (an expression Aguirre made whenever he got upset)
  2. “No se preocupe Doña Florinda, soy el maestro de Quico y estoy acostumbrado a sus estupideces” (Don’t worry Miss Florinda, I’m Quico’s teacher and I’m used to his dumbness)
  3. “Ni soy maistro ni me apellido Longaniza. Soy Longaniza y me apellido Maistro” (I’m not maistro, nor is my last name Longaniza. I’m Longaniza and my last name is Maistro)
  4. “¡Y les advierto una cosa! ¡ por próximo que interrumpa lo dejo sin recreo!” (and I’ll warn you, next to interrupt me with stay without recess!)
  5. “Y eso que no me lavé los dientes” (and I didn’t even brush my teeth)

Rest in peace, Rubén Aguirre.

[Images via Twitter/Ruben Aguirre]

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