Nakyia Whitty’s Natural Hair Wedding: Bride’s Instagram Photo With Bridesmaids Gets 5,000 Likes

There is a unique photo of a bride with her bridesmaids that is going viral on Friday, June 17, four days after the photo was posted to Instagram. Instead of gaining popularity for all the wrong reasons – like those wedding party photos with bridesmaids wearing hideous dresses – this photo of the bride and her bridesmaids is gaining attention because of its beauty.

It shows 27-year-old Nakyia Whitty in the midst of her bridesmaids as she turns around to the camera in the beach wedding shot. All of the bridesmaids have their natural hair blowing in the wind. For African-Americans, natural hair usually means hair that has not been treated with chemical relaxers. Sometimes, women choose to supplement their natural, non-chemical treated hair with extensions or weaves that also mimic the natural hair look and serve as a protective style for their own natural, real hair beneath.

All six of the bridesmaids appear to have natural hair, like the bride.

As reported by BuzzFeed, it took Nakyia by surprise that her wedding photos went viral.

Nakyia married her husband, 26-year-old Javonte Davis, on June 11. They had been together four years prior to getting married — but years before that, Whitty always knew that she wanted to have her bridesmaids rock their natural hair at her wedding.

While Nakyia is receiving plenty of likes and comments on her own Instagram account, Whitty’s photos went even more viral when different Instagram accounts picked up her photos. With the BuzzFeed article giving the natural hair photos even more attention, Nakyia is gaining more Instagram views and followers.

Whitty was surprised by all the attention that her wedding photos received, simply because Nakyia and her bridesmaids chose to forgo the trendy styles of long, flowing, straightened hair — or straightened up-do hairstyles — that some brides tend to choose for their big wedding day.

The free-flowing natural hair photos are gaining big buzz online, with Nakyia writing that she was honored and humbled to receive such love from folks due to the photos.

Nakyia began going natural four years ago. As seen in older photos on her Instagram page, Whitty wrote about her “slow transition” as she went towards all natural hair. Her husband had even helped her go natural by helping Whitty with her YouTube videos that teach others about the popular natural hair journey movement. With Whitty using the #naturalbridalparty hashtag on her latest post, expect that Instagram label to have a lot more than the 11 posts it now contains.

The Naturally_Nakyia shows plenty of natural hair photos with terms that are familiar to women who have undergone the same journey to natural hair that Whitty took.

As with many women who have gone the natural hair route, Whitty’s journey features lots of differing hairstyles along the way.

However, it is Whitty’s viral wedding photos that she wrote caught her most by surprise.

“Look what y’all did!!!!! Guys! I had no idea that my wedding day pictures would make such a splash on the social media outlets. I have had people share with me how they are or were afraid to wear their natural hair out and I’ve given them some sort of boost to want to wear their God-given tresses and I would just like to say that I honestly was just getting married with who and what I love and appreciate in mind for MY photo album. MY memories. MY big day. In no way was I ever thinking I would be seen by or touch so many, but in light of believing that God makes no mistakes, I want to let everyone know how blessed I feel to be a blessing to so many.”

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