Its Time To Play: ArenaNet Finally Fixes ‘Guild Wars 2’

The first 11 days of the Guild Wars 2 launch were a source of constant frustration for gamers, who waited five long years for the game to go from development to market. Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of the development team at ArenaNet, the problems have been fixed, and players can devote their full attention to getting the maximum amount of enjoyment from a game that is loaded with potential.

One of the main areas of complaint about Guild Wars 2 was the lack of a working, in-game auction house. ArenaNet has resolved the issues causing the auction house to lag so badly it was taken off-line repeatedly. As of Wednesday, players may use the auction house to buy new gear to buff up their characters. They will be able to purchase the mats they need to improve their crafting skills, instead of devoting valuable leveling time to farming. Now that the auction house is back online, players will be able to progress quickly and efficiently to the level cap of 80.

Many gamers decided to play Guild Wars 2 for the PVP, and they were becoming highly annoyed with the constant problems affecting the various Player Vs. Player tournaments. PVP’ers can finally enjoy their Hot Join Games, and the World v. World battles, while they kill each other to their heart’s content. PVP is functioning properly, and the combat is raging. There may be an occasional glitch with tournament rewards, but ArenaNet expects to have the issue fixed in the next few hours.

Even the Guild Wars 2 forums have received some love from ArenaNet. The forums, which are a vital and important part of establishing a cohesive player community for any online game, have been offline since launch, due to the stress on the servers. On Tuesday, ArenaNet brought the support forums online, and players will no longer be forced to use Reddit, Facebook or Twitter, if they need to communicate with support. The remaining forums will become available in a few days.

The connectivity issues that made the launch into a real nightmare are no longer a problem. The servers are running smoothly, players are staying online, and crashes are virtually non-existent. ArenaNet has added several new servers to handle the large player population, and once players are out of the starting areas, they are less likely to encounter the dreaded overflow server. ArenaNet will continue to add servers as more players join the game, and they expect the servers to remain stable.

On a more positive note, the developers of Guild Wars 2 deserve a great deal of praise for the innovative system they have developed for patching the game, and for the short server maintenance periods. Game updates and patches are performed seamlessly, by logging the player out for a few moments at a pre-determined time, automatically patching the game, and allowing you to log back in as soon as the patch is applied. The era of 12 hours of down time may become a thing of the past; server maintenance for Guild Wars 2 is a 20 minute to one hour long affair. Everyone certainly appreciates being able to jump back into the game quickly, and easily, after a patch or maintenance.

Players may still experience a few random glitches in the game, but thankfully the vast majority of serious issues are now under control. The launch of Guild Wars 2 has been a bumpy ride, which is a shame, because the game itself has so much to offer. As the problems disappear, Guild Wars 2 has a chance to prove to the gaming universe why it is the next step in the evolution of Online Gaming. Inquisitr looks forward to bringing you the latest news about Guild Wars 2, and all the news about the games we love to play.

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