NBA Rigged? Stephen Curry’s Wife Ayesha Says It Is

Patricia Ramirez - Author

Jun. 17 2016, Updated 12:54 p.m. ET

Stephen Curry, the superstar athlete from the Golden State Warriors, fouled out during last night’s Game 6, and his wife wasn’t too happy about what played out. In fact, Ayesha Curry was so mad she turned to Twitter to call the NBA “rigged.” To be fair, Stephen Curry’s behavior following his foul (throwing a mouthpiece that inadvertently got chucked in the direction of a fan) also got him thrown off the court entirely, and that was after some reported inconvenience endured by his entourage (and other family members of the Warriors).

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Regardless of all of the drama surrounding the foul and the ejection of Stephen Curry, his wife definitely amped up the situation by taking to social media to say that the NBA is rigged. The tweet, which she later said was sent “out of anger,” didn’t stay on her social media account long. But it was on her Twitter feed long enough to be screenshotted and shared, and before long the whole internet knew that Mrs. Stephen Curry thinks the NBA is rigged — all because her famous hubby got tossed off the court.

Check out the now-deleted tweet about the NBA being rigged, originally sent out by Ayesha Curry and retweeted by Rachel Nichols of ESPN.

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Like Nichols mentioned in her screenshotted re-tweet of Ayesha Curry’s post-game (and post-loss, her hubby and the Warriors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 115-101 game) rant about a rigged NBA, while the original tweet was soon deleted by Curry, that didn’t happen before her comments about the NBA being rigged were shared tens of thousands of times, reports the Bleacher Report.

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Stephen Curry has been named MVP twice, and before getting thrown out of the game by what his wife referred to as a “rigged” NBA polity, he led the Warriors in points. Despite getting tossed from the game and watching his team suffer a devastating championship loss, Curry himself scored 30 points in the second-to-last game of the post-season championship.

Ayesha Curry’s tweet about the rigged NBA was retweeted almost 70,000 times before she deleted it from her social media account. When she did finally remove her public comment about the NBA being rigged, she added an explanation in the form of another tweet.

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Even though she removed the tweet about the NBA being rigged, Mrs. Stephen Curry was still coming to her husband’s defense and questioning the call made by officials. Then, she proceeded to turn her comments about the NBA being rigged into a racial complaint, citing an incident that had happened before coming into the venue involving her father.

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Apparently, before she called the NBA “rigged,” Ayesha Curry and other family members of the Warriors were “detained” on a bus in the parking lot of the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. Not everyone on social media was buying that race had anything to do with the Warrior’s family members’ parking lot inconvenience, and Twitter users were quick to point out the demographics in Cleveland.

Just minutes before the game started, and well before she publicly called out the NBA as being rigged, Curry sent out a tweet complaining about the situation on the bus.

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Stephen Curry has reportedly been penalized by way of a $25,000 fine for his little tantrum/mouthpiece throw during game six. While his wife thought he was being unfairly treated, the NBA rarely tolerates player tantrums that spill over and put fans (even potentially) at risk.

Game 7 in the NBA finals is scheduled for Sunday, and there’s definitely a lot at stake. If the Warriors manage to pull off a win, they will have had the best season in the NBA team’s history. On the other hand, if the Cavaliers win, it will be their first NBA title.

What do you think? Was Ayesha Curry right to call out the NBA and call the association “rigged”? Was it cool to bring race into the debate? Do you believe the NBA is rigged?

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