Vicki Gunvalson Accused Of Cropping Shannon Beador Out Of ‘RHOC’ Premiere Party Pic Showing Housewives Through The Years

Did Vicki Gunvalson intentionally crop Shannon Beador out of a group photo because she’s petty? That’s what some people are accusing Vicki of. On Thursday night, the stars of The Real Housewives of Orange County gathered to celebrate the show and the upcoming premiere. At the Season 11 premiere party were not only the show’s current stars but also women who starred in the show in seasons past, all the way back to the very first season. Vicki posted one group photo of herself with many of the show’s stars both past and present. Left out of the photo is Shannon, who was standing all the way to the right. Only her legs can be seen in Vicki’s photo.

Vicki’s photo shows Lydia McLaughlin, Peggy Tanous, Jeana Keough, Alexis Bellino, Vicki, Lynne Curtin, Kelly Dodd, Lauri Peterson, Jo De La Rosa, Lizzie Rovsek, and Meghan King Edmonds. The photo shows that there was someone standing to the right of Meghan in a black dress and black tights.

That someone was Shannon. A photo that Lizzie posted on her Instagram page shows the entire group, including Shannon.

Some viewers, after seeing Vicki’s photo and the photos that others posted of the night, such as Lizzie’s, accused Vicki of leaving Shannon out intentionally. Several people left comments on Vicki’s photo asking her why she cropped out Shannon and calling her petty.

“katie7911 Aren’t you petty, cropping@shannonbeador out of this one.”

“a_leymarieYou cut Shannon out of the photo? Why? She’s suppose to be on the right at the end…”

“katiebelcastro So petty to cut out@shannonbeador…”

Others people defended Vicki. One person pointed out that if Vicki was really so petty that she would crop out an enemy from a group photo, she would have cropped out Meghan. Meghan was the one who last season led the charge that Vicki’s then-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, was faking his cancer diagnoses.

“laurie_333 Ummm she has Meghan on there. If she’s so petty she’d be cut out too. If you look closely Lizzie’s & Vicki’s are 2 different shots. They have excluded her in pictures & don’t mention her name. Isn’t that petty too?”

Season 11 premieres on Monday, June 20. The new season’s starring lineup are Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, Meghan King Edmonds, and Kelly Dodd. Heather, who perhaps missed out on the big group photo because she was late, posted a photo of herself in the car going home after the big night. She commented that she had way too much champagne.

Tamra didn’t attend the premiere party because she’s on vacation with her husband, Eddie Judge, celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary. Prior to the premiere party, Tamra wished Shannon, Heather, and Meghan a great night.

Tamra didn’t mention Vicki or newcomer Kelly in her Instagram post. In an interview with the Daily Dish, posted on Wednesday, Tamra made clear that she’s not friends with either Vicki or Kelly at this point. Tamra accused Vicki, whom she described as “toxic,” of talking badly about her and her family behind her back.

“My relationship with Vicki right now is non-existent because of something she did. I’m re-evaluating and realizing I don’t really need toxic people in my life that talk badly about me and my family and then call themselves my friends, so I am at a crossroads with her.”

As for new cast member Kelly, Tamra said that her behavior is just outrageous. Tamra revealed that viewers will see Kelly cause a lot of drama with everyone.

“I think that shaking things up is an understatement when it comes to her. I have personally never met anybody like her. People say, ‘I tell it like it is.’ This girl doesn’t care whose feelings she hurts. She’ll tell it like it is… There’s zero filter. That obviously has caused a lot of trouble with a lot of people on the show. So she probably has conflict with every single one of the cast members.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki recently hung out with Kelly, as well as former housewives Lizzie and Gretchen Rossi. In her photo captions, Vicki told Real Housewives executive Andy Cohen to bring Lizzie and Gretchen back on the show and implied that they were gossiping about Tamra during their time together.

On Friday morning, Tamra posted the new season’s opening credits, showing the women saying their taglines.

TheReal Housewives of Orange County Season 11 taglines are as follows.

  • Kelly Dodd: “I don’t throw parties. I am the party!”
  • Meghan King Edmond: “In the game of life, I choose my team wisely.”
  • Vicki Gunvalson: “Before you judge me, you better be perfect.”
  • Heather Dubrow: “If at first you don’t succeed, try it my way.”
  • Tamra Judge: “My faith is strong…and my a** isn’t bad either.”
  • Shannon Beador: “Karma’s a b**ch, so I don’t have to be one.”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

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