‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ To Change: Ryan Serhant Taking Over For Fredrik Eklund?

Million Dollar Listing: New York had an interesting shift in dynamics last night, especially when it comes to Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund. Throughout the past few seasons, Fredrik has always been very confident in his selling abilities and Ryan has been stuck with listings that caused him some stress. But on last night’s episode, things flipped around. Ryan quickly sold the first unit in a building that Eklund had failed to sell, and Fredrik struggled with a $30,000,000 listing with his friend. Sadly, Eklund lost the deal, while Ryan was cashing in.

According to a new People report, Million Dollar Listing: New York star Ryan Serhant doesn’t understand why Fredrik couldn’t sell the units. Ryan immediately walked into the building and felt it was too dark. He took a chance, painting it white, and immediately sold one unit with an offer on the second.

“I can’t for the life of me figure out why Fredrik couldn’t sell them,” Serhant said during the episode, adding, “Maybe he couldn’t figure out how to turn them all on.”

But Eklund was dealing with some personal issues that were not related to real estate. Fredrik and his husband, Derek, had tried once again to have children via a surrogate, but the couple learned that it hadn’t worked. Eklund felt completely defeated and he announced that he was done trying to have children. He was completely heartbroken. Last year, they had announced that they were expecting twins, but they lost the children in a sudden miscarriage. It sounds like his personal desire to have children and the stress of losing the children may have had an impact on his work.

Ryan Serhant revealed that last night’s episode was indeed very intense, and it sounds like he may understand the pressure and stress his co-star is going through. While they are competitors on the show and in New York, they are also human beings with feelings.

“FIRST, PLEASE watch tonight’s ALL NEW episode of Million Dollar Listing New York at 9 PM EST. It’s a very intense episode and it’s important that everyone watches,” Serhant revealed on Instagram, adding later about selling, “Let’s change the way people sell real estate. Let’s change the way people THINK of how real estate is sold. Let’s make waves in the industry and not care about the noise because at the end of the day, this is New York City, and it’s loud no matter what you say. This is a business for entrepreneurs. For people who love the word NO because it gives them another reason to find a way YES.”

Eklund didn’t say much about the episode on social media. Instead, he continued to post listings on Instagram of the properties he’s trying to sell. He hasn’t said much about his plans to continue with his surrogacy, but many fans encouraged him to keep going. The doctor even told him that it took him seven tries before he was successful. But Ryan Serhant’s co-star, Luis D. Ortiz, did say that the episode last night could foreshadow the future.

“Tonight at 9pm is episode 9 of Million Dollar Listing New York! I guarantee you will absolutely LOVE IT or Ryan Serhant will give you as much money as you want back! We are getting close to our season finale so keep watching because everything from here on is very important for what you will see in the end. Let’s go!” Luis D. Ortiz revealed about the episode according to Instagram, sharing that last night’s episode is foreshadowing some of the things to come.

It is possible that Eklund will try once again to have a child and it may work. Or maybe Ryan Serhant’s success in selling the units that his co-star couldn’t have an effect on how much Fredrik will list in the future.

What do you think will happen on Million Dollar Listing: New York this season? Do you think Ryan Serhant will sell the remaining units and do better than his co-star?

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