Did Charlie Sheen Pay Thugs To Attack Former HIV Doctor In Mexico?

A former HIV doctor for Charlie Sheen claims thugs named the actor as the reason he was attacked in Mexico. Dr. Samir Chachoua, who treated Sheen with alternative HIV meds in Mexico, says he was brutally attacked in Mexico earlier this month. Chachoua’s attackers reportedly handed over a note during the attack that declared Charlie Sheen as the cause of the beatdown, according to Radar Online on Friday.

The blood-soaked manifesto apparently says that Dr. Chachoua almost killed Charlie Sheen, 50, with alternative HIV treatments over a very short period of time — approximately two months — and then claimed to have cured the Anger Management actor using goat’s milk. The thugs who allegedly attacked Dr. Chachoua in Zacatecas, Mexico, on June 6 wrote that they’re not even fans of Charlie Sheen, but they felt they had to take action and find justice for the only celebrity who’s trying to find a cure for AIDS.

Dr. Chachoua claims he was taking a stroll one evening in June when one of two thugs knocked him on the back of the head and then proceeded to beat him and rob him. But midway through the attack, Dr. Chachoua says the thugs handed him the note soaked in blood with Charlie Sheen’s name mentioned throughout two pages. Chachoua actually went on to file a police report three days later on June 9, claiming that Sheen paid the thugs to attack him.

Charlie Sheen exclusively announced in November, 2015, in a Today Show interview with Matt Lauer that he was HIV positive after being diagnosed four years prior. Sheen called his diagnosis “three hard letters to absorb” and said he had been treating the virus that infects the human immune system with conventional medical treatments of a “triple cocktail” of antiretroviral drugs. Sometime in late 2015, Sheen told Dr. Mehmet Oz in an interview for The Dr. Oz Show that he had went off conventional medicine to seek out a cure for HIV through alternative treatments.

During the taping of the interview, Charlie Sheen claimed to have already been off his prescribed medicines for a week after receiving an alternative treatment in Mexico from Dr. Chachoua who claimed he had a vaccine for HIV. Shortly after the episode was taped, Sheen went back on conventional HIV treatments that had previously reduced the virus to “undetectable levels in his blood,” according to a report by CBS News in January.

The alternative treatment reportedly caused a re-surge of the HIV virus in Charlie Sheen’s system, even though Dr. Chachoua, who’s not licensed to practice medicine in the U.S., said in an interview with Bill Maher in February that he had actually cured Sheen of HIV over the course of several months and even injected himself with some of the actor’s blood to prove it. Sheen went on to contest the claim made by Dr. Chachoua on Twitter, saying the doctor was lying.

“Dr Sam I was with u in Mexico for 1 day. It’s illegal for u to practice in U.S.A. where u treated me for 2 months.”

“I got some results I was disappointed about. I had been non-detectable, non-detectable and checking the blood every week and then found out the numbers are back up.”

Thugs who allegedly attacked Dr. Chachoua in Mexico on June 6 said in the bloody note that Dr. Chachoua had insulted Mexico, Mexico’s intelligence, and medical investigators by making claims that he had cured Sheen of HIV. The police report filed by Dr. Chachoua also said that the thugs were going to kill him but decided against it, saying they wouldn’t get paid. Dr. Chachoua’s cellphone that was stolen during the attack has several text messages from the thugs to an unknown number that say “tell Charlie we need another 1,000.”

So, did Charlie Sheen actually pay these thugs to attack Dr. Chachoua? Dr. Chachoua says that while he fears for his life, he will continue to do his work while the police investigate. Reps for Charlie Sheen have not commented on the attack or the allegations that Sheen himself may have been behind it.

Charlie Sheen did say in a Daily Mail report that he continues to try to strengthen his immune system through a holistic approach, while still taking his prescription medications. Sheen also said that he’s using his HIV status to speak out about safe sex and is partnering with a condom company as a brand ambassador. Prior to Charlie Sheen’s public HIV reveal in November, 2015, he told Matt Lauer that he had paid out millions of dollars to keep his HIV diagnosis a secret.

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