Android N Update: Developer Preview 4 Available For HTC Nexus 9

An Android N update is available for supported devices as Google recently released Developer Preview 4. HTC Nexus 9, both the LTE and Wi-fi variants, can be installed with Android N Developer Preview 4, according to Droid Life.

Here’s a post from The Verge’s Twitter account regarding the release of Android N DP4:

The official Android website revealed the changes and improvements brought by the latest beta update. According to the post, Android N DP4 with build number NPD56N contains the final APIs. Users will be able to publish applications that are using “API level 24 to Google Play, in alpha, beta, and production release channels,” it also explained.

The Android N Developer Preview update also brings in the final API 24 SDK, which can be utilized with Android Studio 2.1.2 and higher versions. The Android team also released “updated Developer Preview 4 system images for the emulator” to help in testing apps. As for other things to expect upon installing the Developer Preview update for Android N, Android Developer page further noted:

“As new updates roll out for Android Studio, you should see minor improvements in the new project wizards and AVD manager as we add enhanced support for API 24. These are primarily cosmetic changes and should not stop you from getting your app ready for an update in the Play store.”

Android Support Library was also updated to 24.0.0 allowing users to “use multi-window and picture-in-picture callbacks, new notification features, methods for supporting Direct Boot, and new MediaBrowser APIs in a backward compatible manner,” the Android Developer Blog page noted.

Those interested to install Android N’s latest developer preview can also expect issues upon the update. For instance, system instability like crashes and kernel panics could occur. HTC Nexus 9 users will be able to encounter issues with media playback in their Android slate such as when playing high-definition video. Known issues from the Android N DP4 for the HTC Nexus 9 also include handling VP8 videos. “Apps may have issues playing some Widevine DRM-protected content on Nexus 9 devices,” the post also specified.

ZDNET reported that the Android 7.0 ‘N’ Developer Preview 4 is available through an Over-the-Air update in selected device. In addition to HTC Nexus 9, the Android N beta update is also compatible with Motorola Nexus 6, Huawei Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, Sony Xperia Z3, General Mobile 4G, and Google Pixel C. Users enrolled under the Android Beta Program will be eligible for the automatic update.

Android N Update For HTC Nexus 9
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Meanwhile, Team Android offers a comprehensive guide on how to manually update HTC Nexus 9 with the Android N Developer Preview 4. The post noted that flashing the factory image for Android N DP4 on Nexus 9 will entail the creation of a proper backup of the data and settings stored on the tablet. The battery needs to have at least 80 percent power, and the USB Debugging mode should be enabled so the Android slate will connect with PC smoothly.

Dave Burke, Android’s Vice President of Engineering shared on Android Developers Blog page that the yet to be officially named Android N OS will begin to roll out this summer. Android N’s biggest highlight of the upcoming mobile firmware is the multi-window support, which enables devices to display more than one app at the same time.

“On handheld devices, two apps can run side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split-screen mode,” the Android Developer page explained. “On TV devices, apps can use picture-in-picture mode to continue video playback while users are interacting with another app.”

Below is a YouTube video from The Verge featuring the biggest features to find upon getting the official Android N update.

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