Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Chases Down Thieves On ‘Fast And The Furious’ Set

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson chased down a few would-be thieves who were attempting to steal some vans near the set of Fast and the Furious 6, according to Cinema Blend. When the action star realized what was happening, he charged off set in his FBI uniform, effectively preventing the criminals from making off with the goods.

Johnson was reportedly filming a scene in Hackney, East London when the youths decided to target some vans that happened to be parked near the set. What they didn’t anticipate, of course, was a former wrestler barreling towards them at top speed. Instead of waiting around to see what happens next, the delinquents opted to head for the proverbial hills instead. Probably a good choice.

According to The Sun, The Rock was in the middle of filming a fight scene at the time, which may have helped send these punks scurrying for cover.

“It was so funny. The Rock looked like an action hero because he had his flak jacket on and an FBI badge in his hand,” a source explained. “All of a sudden there was loads of gunfire and this giant dressed as a copper was about to mow them down. The lads jumped out of their skin and scarpered down the canal path and left the crew in peace.”

As a result of The Rock’s dramatic intervention, the crew has jokingly suggested firing their security team and enlist Johnson’s particular skill set instead. Given The Rock’s overall size and appearance, I seriously doubt anyone would want to mess with the guy.

Presently, Internet Movie Database has Fast and the Furious 6 hitting North American theaters on May 24, 2013. In addition to Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson, the film also stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, and Tyrese Gibson.

Are you a fan of The Rock and the Fast and the Furious franchise?

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