Harry Styles Flashes Fit Body In France, Briana Still Devastated Louis Tomlinson Dumped Her?

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were both spotted out and about today, and both were accompanied by some bulky bodyguards.

Louis Tomlinson looked happy and relaxed as he stepped out in LA with his security. Tomlinson, who is rumored to be in the grip of a custody battle with ex Briana Jungwirth, smiled and laughed as he clutched a massive Starbucks coffee cup.

Louis Tomlinson and his ex Briana Jungwirth welcomed their son Freddie Reign in January of this year.

Tomlinson and Jungwirth dated briefly in 2015 and reportedly tried to turn their relationship into something more serious after Briana discovered that she was pregnant.

It didn’t work out between the parents, and Life and Style reported that Briana was devastated when Louis “dumped her” and began seeing current girlfriend Danielle Campbell.

A source told the mag that Briana”didn’t see it coming.” Briana had actually hoped Louis would propose, and she could not have been more shaken when Tomlinson ended things instead, reports Life and Style.

“[Louis and Briana] had been trying to work things out the past few weeks during his One Direction tour [but] ultimately, Louis decided it just wasn’t going to work… Louis really did want to make it work with Briana [and] He even introduced [her] to his mom, Johanna [but] in the end, he couldn’t see their relationship working.”

The source added at the time that Louis Tomlinson was “still looking for the one.” Louis has now been in a relationship with Danielle Campbell for many months, so perhaps Tomlinson found what he was looking for in the American actress.

Briana, on the other hand, appears to be finding it harder to move on.

J-14 reported that Briana kept saying that she “wants to be with Louis Tomlinson forever” weeks after Louis and Briana had officially split. There were reports that the determined stylist regarded Louis’ new girlfriend Danielle as “nonexistent.”

Today, Briana took to Instagram to share her thoughts about love and heartbreak. The young mother hinted that she may still be hurting deeply following the deterioration of her romance with Louis Tomlinson.

Briana remains hopeful that someone new will come into her life. The message shared by the Californian reads: “Someone, somewhere, is looking for the exact same love that you have to offer.”

There were also some thoughts that may have been directed at Louis Tomlinson. Briana expressed confidence that “the exact same love that the one who hurt you did not appreciate” will finally be appreciated when a more beautiful love story begins.

The blonde-turned-brunette captioned the message simply, writing “Love this.”

Meanwhile, in France, Harry Styles has been spotted jogging with his bodyguards, presumably in an effort to stay fit for his demanding role in Christopher Nolan’s World War II feature Dunkirk.

Styles will play a young soldier caught up in the evacuation of allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk, France in the 1940s.

Harry is keeping fit indeed — two sets of photographs of Styles running with his entourage have emerged in the last 24 hours.

Harry is wearing different jogging outfits during the two sessions, and in the more recent pictures he stays nourished by biting on a piece of fruit.

Harry Styles may be busy filming for the Christopher Nolan film, but Hollywood Life reports that Harry took time out to comment on an interview that Louis and Harry’s ex-bandmate Zayn Malik has given to Dazed magazine.

“Zayn Malik just keeps fueling Harry Styles’ fire!,” according to the report. Apparently Styles has lost patience with his ex-bandmate’s constant “attacks” on One Direction, and Harry wishes Zayn would desist.

Harry apparently said that Zayn should be more grateful and not “bite the hand that fed him for so long.”

Harry says that Zayn should pipe down because all the boys will probably reunite in a decade or so to try to make money “when the [One Direction] fandom dies out,” according to the report.

“Every time that Zayn throws any shade toward his time in One Direction, Harry is the first one to laugh it off. At first he was mad but now it is just complete nonsense… Harry thinks you shouldn’t bite the hand that fed him for so long and gave Zayn the opportunity to do what he wants to do now in his career. And he always jokes that Zayn should watch his words because ten to twenty years from now they all will probably be trying to set up a reunion tour to make money when the fandom dies out.”

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