‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ Star Amina Buddafly Still Sleeping With Peter Gunz After Their Split, Tara Wallace Still Spending Time With Him Too

Amina Buddafly recently gave an update about Peter Gunz, her pregnancy, and even made a shocking claim about Tara Wallace. The Love & Hip Hop New York star surprised pretty much no one with a few confessions that she made about her relationship with Peter. Amina also talked about a short-lived truce with Tara and why she’ll never be friends with her fellow baby mama ever again.

Amina sat down to talk with TMZ and it turns out that the LHHNY star is still living pretty comfortably in California. There is no word yet about whether she’ll head back to New York for the next season of Love & Hip Hop New York, but it’s starting to look like that may be a no go.

As for Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly said that he’s been a no-show during her second pregnancy. She and Cori live together in Los Angeles while Peter has continued to live in New York. Peter has come to California for visits according to his estranged wife. Amina admitted that even though Peter has been a total deadbeat husband while she carries what most hope will be his last child, she still has sex with him when he’s in town.

Amina had plenty to say about Tara Wallace too. Peter Gunz’ forever side chick recently gave birth to her third baby with Gunz. Amina said that she and Tara squashed their on-going beef very briefly last year. It was at the point when Tara showed up for Cori Gunz’ first birthday and Amina said she was definitely pregnant when she came.

According to Amina, she did the math on Tara’s pregnancy and realized that whether Tara knew it yet or not, she was pregnant when she came to Cori’s first birthday party. That means that even though Amina and Tara made up, Tara was still secretly sleeping with her husband.

After realizing that Tara Wallace was being nice to Amina Buddafly’s face while still sleeping with Peter Gunz behind her back, Amina says she’ll never be friends with Tara again. The Love & Hip Hop New York star did say that she still wants to get the kids together, though. It’s very important to Amina that her daughter Cori knows and is close to her siblings.

It looks like Amina has finally realized that Peter will not stop screwing around on her. The singer turned reality TV star dished that she will be filing for a divorce from Peter Gunz as soon as she is ready. Who knows when that might be, considering that Amina, Peter and Tara have been embroiled in a ridiculous love triangle for several years and at least three seasons worth of reality TV now. The fact that she’s still sleeping with him proves that Amina hasn’t learned much after dealing with Peter and Tara’s messiness.

Amina Buddafly is due with baby number two in July. The Love & Hip Hop New York star is expecting another baby girl who she reportedly will be naming Bronx. Much like Tara Wallace, Amina has taken some high-profile pregnancy photos, and she looks great as she handles single parenthood and a controversial pregnancy while living in the limelight.

Fans of LHHNY won’t forget how Amina’s baby news came about. It was during the Season 6 reunion show that Amina stood up and showed off her itty bitty baby bump. Seething just a few seats over was Tara Wallace, who was due to give birth at any time. Caught in the middle was Peter Gunz, who never did come up with a good reason for stringing both women along for so long.

Be sure to check out Amina’s interview below and tell us what you think about her crazy relationship with Peter Gunz in the comments section.

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