‘The Division’ Offering Randomized Missions With The ‘Underground’ DLC

In the upcoming first piece of paid downloadable content coming to The Division, players will be able to traverse areas beneath New York City to hunt down targets, earn new currency, and unlock new gear in randomized missions.

When the DLC Underground launches, players will find a new area in the Base of Operations off of the Tactical Operations wing. This section is called The Terminal with a matchmaking hub, crafting table, stash, and other amenities. Players will be able to fast travel to The Terminal to quickly start the new missions that Underground provides.

According to the team at Reflections, the DLC’s developers, Underground missions will contain randomly created mazes and labyrinths for players to explore. The missions include traps, dense amounts of enemies, and other hazards like one that disables skills. Players of The Division can choose their mission before embarking on it by setting the difficulty of the mission, how many phases are within, and the mission’s directives. Depending on what is chosen, missions will take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes, as stated on the official site.

The Division
Missions will take players to subways, tunnels [Image via Ubisoft]
All modes, including normal, hard, challenging, and heroic, offer the same currency reward called “Directive Intel” that is used purchase more options when setting up a mission. Eventually, after agents “rank up” they will find new exclusive gear and blueprints sold in the Tactical Operation Center.

Missions in the Underground DLC for The Division can have several objectives for teams to complete. With a “Target of Opportunity” objective, players will need to eliminate a specific target while the “Surgical Strike” objective tasks players with taking out several leaders meeting beneath the surface. Other missions require teams to find missing JTF squads, destroy enemy supplies, recover missing intel, and protect specific infrastructure from harm.

In addition to choosing the objective, players also choose Directives to make the mission harder. These options are separate from the mission’s difficulty and add another layer of complexity to the mission. For instance, “Fog of War” removes radar indicators, while “Special Forces” lets enemies use explosive or incendiary ammo. One or more Directives can be chosen before a mission starts. All Directives can be chosen for a truly harrowing experience.

The Division
Visit The Terminal to get started after Underground launches [Image via Ubisoft]
As explained on the Ubisoft Blog, players can undertake these missions alone, in small groups, or in full groups. The difficulty and Directive modifiers make Underground missions viable for all types of players. A team of three higher leveled players made quick work of a one phase normal mission. Players will need to plan accordingly to succeed because if all players die, the mission is over.

The Underground DLC will also include a new incursion set in Hell’s Kitchen called “Dragon’s Nest” focused on taking out Cleaners. The DLC will usher in new items with higher gear score and other new items, weapons, and gear.

Underground releases on June 28 on PC and Xbox One, while PlayStation 4 users will have to wait until August 2 due to an exclusivity deal with Microsoft. All players will receive an important update to The Division on June 28, though. All platforms will be able to complete Hudson Yards and the Queen’s Tunnel missions on challenging difficulty. Moreover, the Falcon Lost and Clear Sky incursions will then be available in heroic mode. Not to mention, players on all platforms will also receive free outfits via the Ubisoft Club on June 28 that promote other Ubisoft games like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.

The Division recently updated in May with update 1.2. That free update added the Clear Sky incursion alongside the new Search and Destroy and High Value Target open world objectives. As the Inquisitr reported, the Dark Zone also saw additions like the ability to cut the extraction rope, new sealed caches, and a high-level DZ bracket for geared players of The Division.

[Image via Ubisoft]

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