Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make: The Coupon Book

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, and many people are interested in fast Father’s Day gifts that kids can make. The coupon book is a great project that kids can create that not only makes a great Father’s Day gift, but also teaches children responsibility. The coupon book consists of papers cut in a rectangular shape, similar to a regular coupon, often stapled together that children write a chore or task on. Father’s can cash in one of the coupons at their leisure. Since the child can come up with their own tasks for the coupons, the gift is often sentimental, because every child can tailor their coupons’ to their father’s preferences. Children can decorate the cover of their Father’s Day coupon book in any way they desire and with the use of printers, even print out pictures of themselves with dad.

Children can design and decorate their Father’s Day coupons but they can also use free printable coupons found online for the template and then add their own, personalized information. Here are some examples of Father’s Day coupon templates that are free, easy to download and print, and will have children making their own Father’s Day gifts in no time at all.

Though printable Father’s Day coupons are a perfect gift from children, babies too can give their dads a special and unique Father’s Day coupon. The coupon book below is from the Toys in the Dryer blog and feature coupons from baby perfect for a dad’s first Father’s Day. The coupons include a night off of late evening feedings, a break from diaper duty, and a morning of sleeping in. There’s no question that a gift like this is a wonderful treat for dad who is most likely suffering from a lack of sleep due to having a new baby in the house.

The website Itsy Bitsy Fun also features several Father’s Day coupon templates that are available for download in PDF format. The coupons are in light, pastel colors and include offers for things like free hugs, a car wash, cooked dinners, homemade lemonade, control over the television, quiet time when watching television, breakfast in bed, game night, obeying dad without whining or complaining, washing the dishes and spending time together. These are great ideas that children can use for their own coupons, if they would rather write out their own tasks and chores as opposed to using a pre-formatted template.

Not only are Father’s Day coupons a practical gift, but they are special. Children can print or make as many coupons as they want and dad can cash in on the gift throughout the year. It’s an easy craft and perfect for kids who might not have enough money to buy a special gift, but want to show dad their appreciation, gratitude, and love for all he does.

The way children present their Father’s Day coupons to dad varies as well. Some children might prefer to staple the coupons together in a book, while others might prefer to place them in a jar, canister, or even mug. Father’s Day mugs are popular gifts, and those who want to buy a Father’s Day mug, might find that adding several coupons is an extra, special touch to the gift. You can use a paper punch to poke holes in the coupons and string them together with a fanciful ribbon and attach them together or use them as decorative pieces on other gifts.

Father’s Day coupons are a great gift that any child can make for dad.

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