Melissa Rivers Details Where Her Mother Joan Rivers’ Ashes Are

Melissa Rivers, the daughter of the late comedian Joan Rivers, revealed where her mother’s ashes are. According to Melissa, her mother’s ashes are all over the world.

In an interview with the Today Show, Melissa Rivers revealed that Joan Rivers’ ashes exist in the United States and outside as well, in several different locations.

“She’s in England and Scotland and Mexico and Wyoming and California, and stores and restaurants and studios. She is places nobody would expect her to be. I think she’d be happy that what I still have is in my closet near my shoes.”

It makes sense that Joan Rivers would be all over the world, because in life she was a tireless non-stop worker, who even up until her death was touring and doing stand up.

Melissa also revealed the surprising items that she decided to keep. It wasn’t the couture gowns, or any of the fashion choices Joan wore on the red carpet, but instead she decided to keep more personal items such as her “toothbrush cup.”

“I kept the stuff from her night table. I kept the stuff from the side of her bathtub. I kept strange things like that.”

At first Rivers said that she wanted to keep everything of her mother’s but decided not to. “At first I said, ‘I’m not getting rid of anything. I’m keeping everything!’ but little by little, you start to weed through it. Now I want someone else to love her things and enjoy them.”

As for her grief, Rivers told People magazine that while she hasn’t gotten over the death of her mother, she can now see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel of her grief.

Recently, Inquisitr reported that Melissa Rivers has decided to settle in the wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic, where Joan stopped breathing during a routine throat surgery, back in August of 2014. Rivers couldn’t be resuscitated when she stopped breathing, and as a result suffered brain damage from the lack of oxygen.

When they had reached a settlement, Melissa released a statement about the lawsuit:

“In accepting this settlement, I am able to put the legal aspects of my mother’s death behind me and ensure that those culpable for her death have accepted responsibility for their actions quickly and without equivocation.”

She continued, “I will work towards ensuring higher safety standards in out-patient surgical clinics. I want to express my personal gratitude to my legal team for their wise counsel and prompt resolution of this case.”

Matt Lauer of the Today Show reported about the ordeal of going through the lawsuit.

“The discovery process for this was extremely emotional. As part of the process she actually got to learn what her mom’s last words were. She says those will remain personal but she’s satisfied that the doctors at the clinic have accepted responsibility for what happened to her mother.”

Joan’s daughter Melissa filed the lawsuit back in 2015 so that no family ever has to go through the ordeal that she and her family went through as they had to make the decision to let Joan Rivers go, after she suffered brain damage.

Joan Rivers died a week after the surgery on September 4, 2014, at the age of 81. During a ceremony for Rivers, radio shock jock Howard Stern gave Rivers a eulogy calling her “brassy in public [and] classy in private… a troublemaker, trail blazer, pioneer for comics everywhere,… [who] fought the stereotypes that women can’t be funny.”

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