Beyoncé Didn’t Write ‘Love Drought’ About Husband Jay Z

When Beyoncé dropped her visual album, Lemonade, all fingers pointed to Jay Z being the inspiration behind the album, which tied the themes of infidelity, fame, and celebrity.

Now, it turns out that at least one song isn’t about Jay Z. It’s being reported that “Love Drought” wasn’t inspired by Jay Z or Beyoncé’s marriage. Rapper Ingrid, who co-wrote the song with Beyoncé has come clean to tell Bey’s fans that it was more about her own dismay with someone on the singer’s label. Ingrid then said in terms of what the song is about, that “Beyoncé doesn’t even know this.”

Ingrid told Genius, the lyrics site, the following in an interview.

“When I wrote ‘Love Drought,’ in all seriousness, I was very frustrated with the label at the time two years ago. Two of the people who were in the label at the time had lied to me and told me Beyoncé wasn’t currently listening to any new music.”

Then she said that she went into the studio to be in Beyoncé’s “writing camp” and a few days later in L.A., an A&R person told Ingrid of the music that was played for her in the studio, and that Beyoncé had notes for her. “And she starts reading these notes and I’m like, they just told me that she’s not listening to any music, which doesn’t even sound right, you know. I was so pissed.”

It was easy to point the finger at Jay Z for being the inspiration behind the song “Love Drought” because the lyrics were just as suggestive as the other tracks, which tied into infidelity.

“Ten times out of nine, I know you’re lying, but nine times outta 10, I know you’re trying, So I’m trying to be fair and you’re trying to be there and to care and you’re caught up in your permanent emotions.”

The rapper, Ingrid, explained that this part in particular was about others who are used to just working with Beyoncé, and used to catering to her and wanting what she has. She goes on to explain, “then I switch to like, ‘You’re my lifeline, are you tryna kill me?’ Because like… s**t, I don’t have no income… The whole hook, ‘Love Drought’ is about music, you know, my relationship with music.”

Some believe that most of the album is Beyoncé taking on the role of her mother, Tina Knowles, who was cheated on by Bey’s father, and that the album is a reflection on her parents marriage and not hers. Then again, there’s that video of Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, beating Jay Z up in the elevator, while Bey did nothing to defend him, and many of her fans find this very telling.

As the story goes, Rachel Roy was at the Met Gala and supposedly had an interaction with Jay Z that Solange thought was disrespectful. When Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Solange went into the elevator, all hell broke loose. For years, prior to that incident, there were rumors that Jay Z was fooling around with Rachel Roy. Following the elevator incident, there were rumors that he also cheated on Beyoncé with Rita Ora and Rihanna. The former denied these allegations, while Roy played up the rumors once Lemonade was dropped via Instagram, which she later on regretted after a bunch of Beyoncé’s fans attacked her on social media.

Currently, Beyoncé is on tour to promote her album and hasn’t gone on record to say what the album is about. Odds are she probably never will, given her private nature.

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