‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke’s Guilt Escalates As Katie Praises Her And Steffy Leans On Ridge After Liam And Quinn Drama

What is coming up on Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers detail that Steffy will turn to her father for advice and support after her latest confrontation with Quinn while Brooke is struggling with her guilt over betraying her sister. Where are things headed in the June 17 show?

As everybody saw on Thursday’s episode, Quinn tried once again to smooth things over with Wyatt and his new bride, but Steffy was not having it. After Quinn used the key she had to let herself into their house and start cooking a meal, Steffy tore into her and Wyatt backed up his wife. As Quinn left, she locked eyes with Steffy and Bold and Beautiful viewers can feel pretty sure that the battle between these two women is far from over.

According to the Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Steffy will visit with Ridge to get some advice. Despite telling Liam that she will always love him, and showing her determination to remain in her marriage to Wyatt, she feels torn between the two men. Will Ridge’s support and insight help her resolve her indecision on this front?

Brooke and Bill have started having a torrid affair with one another and at this point, Katie has no idea what is happening. The two had tried to tell Katie that they had decided to be together, but they backed off when Katie recommitted to remaining sober in order to maintain her relationships with her husband and her sister. Now, however, the two are sneaking around and things are going to get ugly for this Bold and Beautiful pair soon.

Bill created a secret rendezvous spot to hook up with Brooke and while she had a hard time resisting, she did put the brakes on before the two slept together. Bill tried to tell her that he would only stay married to Katie if Brooke would agree to go this route of sneaking around. She still resisted, and he ended up saying that he would stay in his marriage. However, he added that he knows that he and Brooke will not be able to stay apart.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that their time together will carry into Friday’s show. It seems that Brooke will be struggling with intense feelings of guilt for betraying her sister with the man she considers to be the love of her life. Just what exactly sparks this guilt trip?

According to the Bold and Beautiful spoilers from TV Guide regarding Friday’s show, it seems that Katie will chat with her sister and Katie will talk about how grateful and indebted she is to her. Obviously, this will leave Brooke feeling pretty flustered considering what she had just been doing with her sister’s husband. How long will these two manage to sneak around and hook up without being discovered?

The Bold and Beautiful spoiler buzz is that Liam learns something about his father during the week of June 20 and fans wonder if this will be related to the affair his father is having. Bill pulled out all of the stops to force Liam to stop pursuing Steffy, lecturing him on the sanctity of marriage and threatening to cut Liam off if he didn’t stop pursuing Wyatt’s wife. If Liam were to learn about his father’s pursuit of Brooke, that would definitely set the stage for some intense family drama.

How will Katie learn about Bill deception with her sister? Will Quinn do something big to get back at Steffy for pushing her out of Wyatt’s life? There are plenty of juicy moments on the way and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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