Kylie Jenner Tricked People Into Thinking She Was Dating Someone New?

It’s undeniable that social media can be the breeding ground for some of the most outrageous rumors about celebrities and those rumors can make the rounds internationally at a lightening-fast pace. So, it’s entertaining to discover that certain celebrities have a bit of fun by putting untrue facts out into the world of social media just to see the rumor churn.

Kylie Jenner is guilty as charged for partaking in beginning a rumor about herself and a supposed new man in her life, since she called it quits with rapper Tyga. Kylie and pal Harry Hudson went so far as to make it appear as they were a hot new item by way of Snapchat. Teen Vogue shares the details about the snap.

“Kylie shared a snap of the two of them holding hands to make everyone think they’re dating. Though Kylie made the joke pretty clear herself, there’s bound to be someone out there who will take the clip seriously.”

Kylie is the queen of Snapchat, and social media altogether. She and her famous reality star sisters reign on all social media fronts, not to mention their selfie skills. There is no question that Kylie takes a fabulous picture when up close and personal in front of her camera. However, it seems that one skill the teen has not mastered is the ability to speak in accents.

Jenner’s latest Snapchat, in which she attempts to speak in a New Zealand accent, hugely missed the mark, as the Mirror, UK notes.

“The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star left her fans confused on Wednesday with her latest Snapchat reel.As she hung out with her pal, New Zealander Cassidy Morris, the 18-year-old attempted to mimic her accent – but it came out a bit British. In the clip, which shows the pair goofing around after drinking ‘too much coffee’, Kylie launched into a fake accent while her model BFF shouted ‘Nooo’ in the background.”

The 18-year-old is constantly snapping tidbits about her life for fans to follow, and due to her popular lip color line and her beauty tutorials via her own website, not to mention her massively successful beauty app, Kylie has a large following that rivals older sister’s, Kim Kardashian.

The publication shares the details of the video within which Kylie attempted to impersonate her New Zealand-native friend.

” ‘Alright guys, I only have five percent so I’m not gonna be snapping in a second,’ she said in a weird posh voice.’I think this coffee just makes me crazy.’ According to the clip, Kylie also made her friend swap drinks with her after she decided she didn’t like hers.”

The two pals were recording while taking a walk through Los Angeles and Jenner’s friend Cassidy then piped in on the trade situation.

“‘So Kylie ordered a gross Starbucks and I ordered the good one. So she made me swap, so she gets the good one,’ laughed Cassidy. ‘I’m not a coffee person, I don’t know!’ replied the reality star.”

Although Kylie Jenner seemed to be a little bit distressed after she and Tyga finally officially parted ways, as evidenced by her staying at her mom’s house for a few days following, the reality star seems to be happier than ever and focused on her various endeavors. Her latest shades for her lip kit collection have been overly successful and she remains signed on with Puma for campaigns in the future for the brand.

She and Tyga had a tumultuous few months leading up to their final split and it’s clear that Jenner is thriving without the rapper by her side.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Huffington Post]

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