Kevin Hart Robbed Of Half A Million Dollars, Speaks On ‘Bromance’ With ‘The Rock’

Kevin Hart is now half a million dollars poorer, according to USA Today. The 36-year-old comedian’s house in Los Angeles suffered a burglary and now police confirm that burglars stole half a million dollars‘ worth of stuff from the house.

Burglars broke into Kevin Hart’s L.A. house while the comedian was on the road promoting his latest film titled Central Intelligence. While no one was at the house at the time of the burglary, they stole clothes, jewelry and timepieces amounting to $500,000.

Police have already put forward a theory that burglars broke in Kevin Hart’s house through the back door. Police are currently checking surveillance camera footages to bring the burglars to justice and return the stolen goods to the comedian, who turns 37 next month.

Apart from his new film Central Intelligence, Kevin Hart is also working hard on his upcoming stand-up comedy special titled What Now? The stand-up gig will come out in October and its debut trailer was released on Tuesday.

Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson look like a perfect couple to create a cute Hollywood bromance, according to Australian News. And not only a cute bromance, but also a hilariously funny one.

In fact, just like in all funny bromances, Kevin Hart and The Rock play tricks on one another every time they are given the chance. In their recent interview with Australian News, while promoting Central Intelligence, which opens Friday, the two were given plenty of opportunities to mock one another.

When Kevin Hart was asked what was his two adorable kids’ reaction when they first learned that their dad was starring alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the Ride Along actor said their initial reaction was, “Who is that?”

But that couldn’t be true! It was one of Kevin Hart’s jokes to make fun of his Central Intelligence co-star.

In the film, Kevin Hart plays an accountant who is approached by his former high school classmate, played by Johnson, to help him solve some of the most complicated espionage schemes.

As seen from the trailers for Central Intelligence, Kevin Hart and The Rock share hilarious onscreen chemistry. But it appears that nothing is easy when two funny guys come together and have to shoot scenes.

In fact, Johnson said that on the first day of filming, he and Kevin Hart needed the entire day to pull off just one scene of the film. It’s because they were too excited to work with one another!

“There’s a scene in the movie where I impersonate a psychiatrist and I am helping Kevin’s character and his wife get through their marital issues.”

In the scene, The Rock and Kevin Hart’s characters perform an exercise called Soul Gazing, the idea of which is to stare into each other’s eyes two inches away from one another’s faces. And just as your partner looks away or says something, you need to slap them right in the face.

“It was so hard to do that scene because we were just cracking up. Man, it was so f***ing funny.”

But even though the two had perfect time together while filming Central Intelligence, Kevin Hart revealed in the interview that he never bought his co-star a thank you present after wrapping filming.

And while Kevin Hart said he didn’t get The Rock “sh*t,” his co-star confirmed and said the comedian didn’t buy him “a f***ing thing,” adding that his gift to Hart was his talent. And Hart had a good response to that.

“That’s a good gift right there. You’re looking at two guys who understand the value of their time.”

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