‘NCIS’ Season 14: Is Ziva David Dead Or Alive?

Is Ziva David dead or alive in NCIS Season 14? There have been many questions since the Season 13 finale, and there are hints that she could actually be alive. It may all be revealed next season, and through Tony and Tali.

Michael Weatherly made the decision to leave the show after 13 years. His character, Tony DiNozzo, was given the storyline of finding out that Ziva had been killed in an explosion at her family’s farmhouse in Israel, but there was one person who did survive: her daughter Tali with Tony, named after her sister.

Throughout the NCIS Season 13 finale, Tony had to make the decision over whether to stay with the team or leave to keep his daughter safe. It appeared that he may have decided to go in search for Ziva, believing that she wasn’t really dead. Fans of many other shows know that someone isn’t dead until it is definitely confirmed by a main character (as in seen with their own eyes or from a trusted source) or is seen onscreen.

When asked where he was going now that he was leaving the NCIS team, he said that he was going to get answers in Israel. Could those answers be whether Ziva was really dead or alive? Does he believe that she wasn’t in the farmhouse? It is possible that Tali told him something, keeping it only for him to know to keep her mother safe?

He then said that he would be going to Paris because “Ziva loves Paris.” He made it very clear that this was present day, indicating that she is still very much alive — at least that is something he believes. If he really believed she was dead, he would have used the past tense to say that he would probably go there with his daughter.

Parent Herald shares that Tony believes Ziva is still alive and that NCIS Season 14 may reveal her fate. It is possible that Tali will turn up again at some point, as the team learns that their former member is still alive.

Gary Glasberg, the executive producer for NCIS, has confirmed that he would never say never. However, it is possible that the questions will be left forever unanswered, as is the case with various questions on a show like this. It is impossible to cover everything, especially for the characters that have left.

It is no secret that Cote de Pablo has no intention to return to NCIS due to the way she and her character were treated. While Weatherly left on good terms, Pablo walked away upset with the way things were handled for Ziva. She wanted better storylines and said that the plan for her return in the Season 13 finale wasn’t good enough.

Glasberg had always intended for Ziva to be a part of Tony’s decision to leave the team, so he decided to take the route of killing her and bringing in a daughter for the two of them. It would have been the only reason for a man like Tony to actually move on from the dangerous job.

It is possible that Ziva was never actually in the farmhouse at the time. This could be a story revisited at a later date. For now, it looks like there are no intentions to revisit that for the time being. Gibbs and the team will need to move on from the loss of Tony, and a new person will need to take his place. There are two characters possibly becoming series regulars to take his place, while FBI Agent Fornell may also become a more regular fixture in NCIS Season 14.

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