Britney Spears Prepares For Another Walk Down The Aisle [Video]

Pop princess Britney Spears has been the bride twice before and is ready to take another walk down the aisle, but this time, it will be as her friend’s bridesmaid. The entertainer announced her exciting news via Twitter with a fun post featuring her and two friends driving through the desert wearing glittery purple eye shadow. Billboard shares about the short clip.

“‘My best friend is getting married!’ she squealed in a 15-second video that was posted on her Twitter page in between ads for her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas (tickets go on sale Friday, June 17). Clearly excited, Britney revealed the wedding is in Vegas and that now the impending task is to ‘go try on that bridesmaid dress lol.'”

We all know that Brit is no stranger to the Vegas wedding scene as she spent 55 hours married to Jason Alexander after an impulse decision to wed in Sin City. The talent is also a regular in the metropolis, seeing as she has a massively successful Vegas residency that has been extended well into the year.

Other posts by Spears on social media also showed off her new do. The star is always keen to keep her look fresh and her hair healthy for her shows. So in true Brit style, the 34-year-old took to Instagram to give a sneak peek at the recent trim.

The Daily Mail discusses the cute locks-focused post by Spears.

“She’s always in the market for a new cutting edge look. And Britney Spears gushed about getting a trim on Wednesday as she posted a selfie of her new lob. The 34-year-old gushed: ‘Cut my hair again! Now off to work!'”

Spears’ hair has always been gorgeous and well-maintained, however, fans and media can never forget that pivotal moment in Brit’s young life when she suffered a breakdown and shaved her head completely.

Although Britney Spears endured a number of tumultuous years that were made very public and likely haunt the star, she has come a long way since her breakdown back in 2005 and has gotten herself back on track while succeeding as the Princess of Pop. The busy mother of two has admitted that she feels better than ever and, after a string of failed relationships, is content on her own for the time being.

Along with other celebs who were sure to pay tribute to the victims and families affected by the Orlando shootings at Pulse nightclub last Sunday, Spears spoke up about the need for people to stop the hate and to accept each other for who they are. The scene was the deadliest mass shooting in United States history, during which 50 lives were taken with 53 additional victims injured. The massacre at the gay nightclub, which was ruled as a “hate crime,” has now awoken people to the very real violence that the LGBT community faces regularly.

In a well-worded Facebook and Instagram post, Spears, who has been popular among the gay community and an advocate for LGBT rights, shared her grief and sorrow over the tragic event.

Billboard recounts the star’s words.

“I have not been able to find words to express how I feel about what happened in Orlando. Music and dance take me to a wonderful, happy, safe place… and for this to happen in a place where people enjoy those things makes me so sad, This has to stop. We need to accept and love people for who they are. This is truly an attack against all of us, and I’m praying that we can join together and find a solution.”

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