Harry Styles’ Womanizer Reputation Gets Him Film Role, Louis Tomlinson Appointed Yorkshire Children Ambassador

The first film role Harry Styles scored during the One Direction hiatus was not too shabby at all — Harry has been cast as a young British soldier in Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama Dunkirk.

Now, rumors are flying around that Harry has already been cast in his second feature film. Styles is apparently the favorite to play Mick Jagger, a man to whom he has often been compared, in an upcoming movie, reports the Mirror.

“The One Direction heart-throb is set to play the legendary Stones womaniser in a film about their 1972 album Exile.”

The fact that Harry Styles is only 22 while Mick Jagger was pushing 30 at the time of the Rolling Stone’s Exile album release has reportedly not deterred decision-makers.

It is said that the casting execs involved noticed Styles’ resemblance to Jagger as they followed Harry’s progress filming for Dunkirk.

“There is definitely a strong resemblance between the two.”

The Mirror notes that Harry Styles and One Direction are more “clean living” than the Stones, but Harry shares some of Mick’s personal traits, like “charisma and fondness for the ladies.”

A source who spoke to the Daily Star said that the special effects and makeup crew will be able to do a lot to make Harry Styles look older.

“He’s about 10 years too young but make-up and special effects can sort that out.”

It follows reports that Harry has been performing brilliantly on the set of Dunkirk, impressing the rest of the cast.

Styles did raise some eyebrows when he arrived on set in a small buggy, according to Sugarscape.

One extra gave his opinion that “it did not feel right” to see Harry driven around when actors like Kenneth Branagh had to walk.

“He really doesn’t look anything special than most extras when in costume. He was among us several times, walked right in front of me…. Nobody really cared (I can’t even recall a single song from 1D). He appears like a decent guy, easy going. One thing that surprised me is that he arrived on set on the mole in a little buggy…while in the mean time Kenneth Branagh was walking all the way to get there (that like 1km)…. It didn’t feel right, but to his defense, his fans are crazy so I can understand extra security for him. It’s amazing what a little bit of fame can do…”

Today, it emerged that the extra had gone back to the Nolan boards page where he made the comments.

The extra clarified that he did not mean to imply that Harry Styles is a diva and that he understands that it’s necessary to have extra security for someone as famous as Harry.

The extra did rib One Direction fans a bit more, saying that he was surprised to see “not very young” fans hanging around waiting for Harry at 5:30 am.

The Dunkirk extra wondered why these Harry Styles obsessives were hanging about waiting for their hero instead of preparing to go to work, school or university.

I just don’t get it. They were not very young either, late teens, young adults. Don’t they have exams or school?

Harry may be a rock star, film star and chick-magnet, but he is being celebrated in the pages of GQ for bringing some dorkiness into the fashion world.

Harry is featured in the mag’s new article about the rise of “dad style.” Pictures of Styles and other young celebs wearing dad statement pieces like long socks, pleated trousers, stonewashed jeans, and vacation shirts are placed alongside pictures of real-life dads and older celebs wearing the same things.

Remember the good ol’ days (like two summers ago) when no bearded, man-bun-having hipster would be caught dead with a pair of socks hiding his handsome ankles? Well, dads never subscribed to that ideology. The higher the sock, the closer to style Nirvana was their silent mantra. Now cool kids like Harry Styles and Shia “The Legend” LaBeouf have been spotted embracing the half-calf skater-inspired move. Do dad proud and don’t be caught showing ankle this summer.

Harry is heating up the glam pages of GQ, albeit in a very dorky way, and his bandmate Louis Tomlinson is lending his own glamor and charisma to a great cause.

Louis Tomlinson is already a passionate supporter of a number of children’s charities, and this week he went a step further, becoming an ambassador for Yorkshire Children.

Louis said that “children and Yorkshire” are two things very close to his heart.

“Children & Yorkshire! Two things close to my heart. It was a very easy yes when I was kindly asked to be an ambassador for the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards. What these children achieve really is extraordinary, and I look forward to celebrating their bravery, generosity, selflessness and courage.”

(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

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