‘RHONY’ Star Jules Wainstein Divorce Shocker, Reality TV Star Blindsided By Michael’s Affair, Husband Files For Divorce–Braces Herself For A Messy Divorce?

The newest housewife on RHONY, Julianne (Jules) Wainstein received quite a shocker– her devoted husband, Michael filed for divorce on May 16 after she had discovered he had an alleged affair a few months ago.

Life & Style was the first to report the news on Wednesday, and their exclusive source revealed that Jules caught him red-handed cheating a few months earlier.

“She busted her husband cheating. She caught him sneaking around with another woman.”

The news shocked both the other cast members of RHONY and the fans because the couple seemed genuinely happy. Michael and Julianne Wainstein were married for eight years and had two children–Rio, 3, and Jagger, 5.

“She is strong, and she’ll get through this.”

As the fans remember, Jules carefully selected a nanny that Michael wouldn’t find attractive. Wainstein didn’t want to tempt her husband in any way, and it must come as a huge blow that he was cheating on her with someone other than the nanny.

The split won’t be a part of the show, but the Inquisitr learned that it will be a part of the reunion special later in the season, All About RH reports. Wainstein will give an update on the legal proceedings and possibly answer questions the viewers have about the pending divorce.

E Online reports they were having trouble before the show, and the pressure to keep it together for RHONY was too much for the couple.

Bravo spoke to a rep for Jules Wainstein, and the split was confirmed.

Julianne Wainstein started off looking nervous on camera, but over the past few weeks, she seemed more at ease. Her first big storyline was a battle with Bethenny Frankel. They squashed their differences and learned to appreciate each other.

Wainstein’s next big storyline was when she admitted her own struggles with food. Julianne confessed that she had an eating disorder and at times, she still struggles not to fall back into old behavior patterns. She explained that she would really like to find a job one day that she could help others as they learn to control their eating disorder behaviors.

Throughout the season, Julianne and Michael seemed to have it together and get along great as a couple. In fact, on social media, they were dubbed as “being perfect for each other.” If he cheated on her like the report claims, something must have happened between them recently, because they appeared to be in tune with each other.

The fans were not expecting Wainstein to split, and the divorce news came as a complete shock. On social media groups, there were a few skeptical fans until Bravo confirmed the split early Wednesday afternoon. For many fans, we wanted to believe that some couples can live happily ever after, even if the majority of the housewives end up divorced.

As for Julianne Wainstein, let’s hope that she can get a hefty divorce settlement. She has become used to a certain standard of living, and Jules doesn’t seem like the type that would embrace “slumming” it. With two children and her need for a nanny, let’s hope Michael will pony up, or she may not survive after the divorce [sic].

The tabloid magazines are predicting a messy divorce between the couple. It seems pretty likely considering that Jules was blindsided with a cheating scandal.

RHONY fans, are you surprised by the divorce announcement? Do you think Michael Wainstein cheated on his wife? Will Julianne return next season and possibly have the divorce as her storyline?

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